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Property insurance

Buy BTA Property insurance and get extra safety for only 5 euros! Choose the benefits that you need:
extended warranty,
belongings insurance outside your home,
solar panel insurance!

Why BTA Property insurance?

Your smart devices are safe

With BTA Property insurance, your smart devices are insured both at home, and outside it.
Gadgets are insured irrespective of where they have been purchased
All devices of your family are insured
An ideal extra product in case any device gets broken outside home
Property insurance
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Insured events

We care about your safety and your peace of mind, and we know that there is a wide range of factors that might lead to unwanted loss, such as broken glass during a storm. BTA Property insurance will be your safety net should something catch you off guard.

Average insurance costs caused by fire
15000 €
Average disbursements in the event of a theft
770 €
Average loss in case of fluid leakage
850 €
Average expenses for one household caused by storm
900 €

Extra safety

BTA cares about the safety of you and others, so we encourage you to purchase Third-party liability insurance together with the Property insurance. Choose compensation limits fit for your daily life and protect yourself from costs that may arise in cases such as:
flooded neighbor’s property,
fire, that has affected neighbor’s property,
accidents involving electronic scooter,
and other incidents involving a third party.

Insurance terms and conditions and product information documents

Frequently asked questions

  • Apartments;
  • Residential buildings, including amenities, such as fences, gates, children’s playgrounds, paths, etc.;
  • Auxiliary buildings (household buildings, garages, bathhouses, etc.);
  • Movable property (furniture, clothing, household appliances, interior elements, sports equipment, etc.);
  • Solar panel systems that are installed on the roofs of the buildings or on the ground.

Insurance of a building or an apartment includes insurance of the external and internal finish, household utilities (pipelines, electrical installations, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems, etc.) as well as other integral parts of your home.

Extended warranty

Insurance covers electronic devices (household appliances, electrical devices, electronic devices, computer equipment), which were purchased new, without any defects, with the manufacturer's warranty of not less than 24 months and are used in the household. During the extended warranty period, BTA will indemnify for losses due to product defects, which would be considered as warranty cases according to the manufacturer's warranty.

The extended warranty takes effect at the end of the manufacturer's warranty period and remains valid for two more years (24 months), ensuring indemnity for losses in case of a device getting damaged, when the Insurance Object requires repairing that meets the warranty repair provisions; Indemnity limit EUR 1 000.

Loss of rental income

BTA will pay insurance indemnity for loss of rental income, when it is caused by damage to or destruction of the insured real estate.

Demonstrable rental income will be reimbursed for no longer than 12 months after occurrence of the fire risk, while the maximum reimbursement period in case of occurrence of other insured risks – 1 month.

Damage caused by tenants

Insurance indemnity shall be disbursed for damage caused to the insurance object, which occurred resulting from malicious intent or gross negligence of tenants of the Insured.

Acknowledgement of an accident to be an insured event obligatory requires availability of a lease agreement that is effective at the moment of the prospective insured event occurrence with a term of at least 1 month, and a statement by the competent authorities (State Police) acknowledging the losses caused by tenants.

Electronic risks

Electronic risks – power outage, overvoltage, overload, short circuit induced by an accident. Insurance cover applies to electrical equipment that is powered by electric current.

Loan payment insurance

BTA will disburse the insurance indemnity in the amount of the mortgage loan payment for the insured real estate, if the losses occurred as a result of the Fire risk occurrence and living therein is impossible.

The demonstrable mortgage loan payment will be reimbursed until the moment when the property is fully restored, but not longer than for 6 months and the indemnity limit shall be hereby set of EUR 3,000 per a single insured event.

Assistance package

If you purchase this service, we’ll ensure the services of a locksmith, plumber, carpenter and physical security guard, with a limit of EUR 350.

Assistance package plus (standard assistance package with a limit EUR 350 + Hate alert cover with a limit EUR 500)

Hate alert – BTA will cover the expenses for the assistance of a psychologist, psychotherapist and the expenses for legal services, incurred in connection with an online insult or slander of the Insured or the Insured's family members *.

Hate speech against them, cyberbullying, cybermobbing, hooliganism in the cyberspace, aggressive, abusive online activities (such as comments), blackmailing; unsolicited dissemination of false or unwelcome (private) information/photographs on the internet; deepfake (an image processing technique that allows a face to be adjusted to another body); other violent activities online against the Insured or the Insured's family members (on the Internet or in social networks).

* Family members of the Insured: spouse or a person, with whom the Insured shares a household, persons, for whom the Insured bears third-party liability (minor children of the Insured, and other persons for whom the Insured bears third-party liability pursuant to the Civil Law of the Republic of Latvia).

Supporting you means a lot to us if an accident occurs with your pet! BTA shall indemnify for direct losses if your pet dies, or if euthanasia is required resulting from the insured risk. Insured risks: illnesses, injuries, labour, unlawful activity by third parties, fire, natural disasters, attacks by other animals, poisoning with poisonous substances, bites by venomous animals or insects, underrun.

Select the most appropriate cover* for EUR 5 or EUR 10 per year! Deductible is hereby set of EUR 0.

* Insurance can be purchased only together with Property insurance!

  • In case of Apartment insurance, losses will be indemnified resulting from the insured risk, which occurred resulting from damage to a parking lot or an auxiliary building legally related to the Apartment, up to EUR 3 000.
  • In case of fluid leakage BTA shall indemnify for reasonable expenses supported by documentary evidence that are required to identify the cause of damage, up to EUR 500.
  • If living in the insured apartment or house is impossible, temporary lease expenses will be indemnified, up to 9 months in case of Fire, while in case of other risks – 1 month.
  • If Movable property is insured and jewellery is not individually insured in the insurance contract, then losses for damage to or destruction of jewellery shall be indemnified for up to EUR 500 per a single insured event.
  • If Movable property is insured, combined with all risks cover losses will be indemnified in regard to costs of manufacturing of personal identification documents, documents to acknowledge property rights, payments cards, keys or alarm remote control to a vehicle owned by the Insured, resulting from loss of or damage to the above-mentioned items due to insured risk occurrence, up to EUR 500 per a single insured event.
  • In case of fire, combined with all risks cover losses will be indemnified for assistance provided by a psychologist, psychotherapist, up to EUR 500 throughout the insurance period without exceeding the 6 months’ timeframe.
  • Combined with all risks cover expenses will be indemnified for transportation and storage of the remaining property if it is impossible to store the property in the damaged real estate after the insured event. Rescue expenses will be indemnified up to the moment when the insured real estate is completely restored, however, without exceeding the 6 months’ timeframe. A limit is hereby set of EUR 500.
  • If Movable property is insured, combined with all risks cover losses will be indemnified for mandatory return from a travel trip due to probable insured event, up to EUR 500.

Underinsurance – a situation when sum insured for an insurance object is less than the value of the insurance object.

Insurance policy shall be concluded so that if an insured event occurs, one might be able to restore the property to its initial condition, or to receive sufficient indemnity in order to replace it with an equivalent property. Please, pay attention to your Sum Insured! Sum insured for your property might be insufficient and the amount of indemnity disbursement will not fully cover your losses. Indemnity sum is directly linked to the costs of materials and services at the moment of the insured event and provisions of the insurance policy, including sum insured.

If you are constructing a new home or an auxiliary building, then in order to protect yourself from unforeseen financial loss in the course of construction, you should buy Construction risks insurance. This type of insurance is similar to Property all risks insurance; however, it is envisaged for buildings and structures that are currently under construction. At the territory of a construction site both used materials and structures and the ones, which have been delivered on site and have not been used so far, will be insured. Moreover, labour costs that are required to restore the insurance object after the accident will be insured as well.

Возмещается следующий ущерб:

  • Ущерб, нанесённый в результате пожара на строительной площадке;
  • Ущерб, нанесённый в результате стихийных бедствий, например, ущерб, нанесённый падающими деревьями или градом;
  • Ущерб, нанесённый в результате наводнения, например повреждённый водой фундамент или строительные материалы;
  • Возмещается ущерб, возникший в то время, как третье лицо украло или совершило хищение строительных материалов;
  • Ущерб, нанесённый в результате вандализма третьих лиц;
  • Столкновение сухопутных транспортных средств со зданием, находящимся в процессе строительства, или на стеллажах строительных материалов;
  • и др.

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