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Frequently asked questions

BTA bike insurance policy is valid in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, and insurance protection is in effect 24 hours a day.

BTA bike insurance policy is an insurance service for individuals – people who enjoy riding a bike, which is not related to professional sports or professional occupation. Insurance protection is also valid when participating in non-professional bike riding competitions.

Please note that the insurance protection included in the BTA bike insurance policy is not valid when participating in cycling competitions or training sessions as a professional cyclist, in downhill, freestyle or trial bike riding, as well as with regard to BMX bikes and trishaws, and losses caused during their use or during provision of bike-courier services.

  • Property insurance is valid for all bicycles specified in the insurance policy, while accident insurance and civil liability insurance – for all persons specified in the insurance policy;
  • Insurance protection against theft of the bike is only valid, provided the bike is registered with the Bike Register of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate;
  • Insurance protection will become valid from the moment the bike is shown to a BTA representative (also in the form of photos);
  • When riding a bike, road traffic regulations must be observed.

Insurance product information document 

Accident insurance terms and conditions

Terms and conditions No. 8-2  (version valid for policies issued from 05.06.2018)

+ Annex which refers to the protection included in BTA bike insurance policy:

Annex No.2 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

Annex No.3 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

Home insurance terms and conditions (with regard to property insurance)

Terms and Conditions No 3F-3  (version applicable to policies issued after 01.07.2015)

General terms and conditions of civil liability insurance

Terms and Conditions No 1  (version valid for policies issued from 01.09.2020)

Terms and Conditions No 21.01  (version valid for policies issued from 31.01.2012)

Terms and conditions of general civil liability insurance of individuals

Terms and Conditions No 1304.1 (in latvian)  (version valid for policies issued from 01.09.2020)

Terms and Conditions No 21.01.-01  (version valid for policies issued from 28.08.2013)

General insurance terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions No 4  (version applicable to policies issued after 18.03.2019)

Terms and Conditions No 3  (version applicable to policies issued after 13.12.2011)

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We at BTA, indemnify traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.


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