Travel Insurance

If an accident occurs during your travel and the accident is included in your travel insurance cover, we encourage you to claim the indemnity quickly and simply at Customers’ Portal by adding all the documents required. At the Portal, you enjoy an opportunity to check out your travel insurance policy cover, terms and conditions.


Indemnity application types

In case of accident, you can apply for insurance indemnity by choosing one of the following possible ways.

  1. Follow the link mentioned above and log in to Customer Portal. Make your application quick and simple in Customer Portal, indicate all the information on the insurable event and add all the necessary documents.
  2. By calling the BTA’s Customer Support Service (telephone number: 26 12 12 12).
  3. In case the telephone line of the BTA’s Customer Support Service is busy or you do not want to wait for the connection with the BTA’s Customer Support Service, you may submit the form “Apply for a Call” on the website of BTA and a representative of BTA will call you as soon as possible.
  4. When transmitting information about a case of insurance to the e-mail, please provide brief information about the case of insurance and your contact information. You can attach a completed insurance claim application form to your e-mail, so we can clarify all arising issues during a telephone conversation.
  5. By visiting the closest BTA’s Customer Support Service.
  6. By contacting with your insurance agent, broker.

Things you should do in case of an accident

In case of an accident abroad, take the following measures.

  1. Call the BTA’s 24/7 Travel Support Service:
    • (+371) 26 12 12 12
      We will provide operative assistance and consultation on what to do in the specific situation.
  2. In case of a sudden disease or accident in one of the following countries, you can call our partners in the specific country:
    • Turkey*: (+90 242) 310 44 44
    • Egypt*: (+20 122) 104 27 43
    • Greece: (+30) 28970 41 777
    • Bulgaria: (+359) 529 198 27
    • Thailand, Bali and other Asian countries: (+7) 495 989 11 20
    • Ukraine, Moldova: (+38 050) 842 03 03
    • Belarus: (+375) 29 103 64 24
    • Russian Federation: (+7) 495 989 11 20 

      * If you are in Turkey or Egypt, in order to avoid possible problems, ask for medical assistance only in our contractual organisations.
  3. By calling the indicated telephone numbers, our employees or partners will help to arrange the formalities associated with medical institutions, will provide a written guarantee of payment of medical services, so you do not have to spend your own personal financial resources; they will also help to solve a variety of other issues.
  4. If you have had to pay for medical services or any other case of insurance included in the Travel Insurance Policy from your own personal funds, be sure to keep documents certifying such payments (checks, registered receipts). Besides, be sure to keeps other documents justifying the indemnity claim: medical statements, certificate issued by airline about luggage delay, damage or loss, documents issued by law enforcement bodies, etc. A detailed list of documents to be submitted can be found in the Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions or your policy.
  5. Upon your return to Latvia, as soon as possible make your insurance indemnity claim in the Customer Portal. Having logged in to Customer Portal, you can make your indemnity claim quick and simple without having to leave your home and making any unnecessary phone calls.

Forms and Examples

In case you prefer to submit an electronic insurance claim form to us by attaching it to the claim application form or e-mail, make sure you save it to your computer by all means prior to filling in.


Form Template
Travel Insurance indemnity application in case of deterioration of person’s state of health or death  
Travel Insurance indemnity application if the case is not related to deterioration of person’s state of health or death