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Insurer: children injuries in summer – more often and severer

1 June, 2021

As the school summer holidays have started, BTA, based on its experience, would advise parents to get the message across to their airy offsprings – a serious reminder regarding safety matters on the street, at playground and at water basins, as well as to keep a watchful eye over them at least during the first free weeks. The data collected by BTA Baltic Insurance Company (hereinafter – BTA) confirm the observation of doctors that the number of injuries among children has a significant rise in the summer time and injuries are relatively severe.

Although the summer of 2020 was quiet with almost none mass entertainment events and with part of recreation opportunities unavailable, this did not reduce children's traumatism. Within the period from May to September 2020, BTA received 11.4% more insurance claims than from October to April 2021, and the injuries were a lot severer, as evidenced by the fact that indemnities paid to cover medical treatment costs in the summer season were 20% higher than for the six months of autumn and winter.

To name some of the most common injuries, there are bone fractures of arms, legs and collarbone, knocked out teeth, cuts or lacerations, dog bites and concussions. Unfortunately, several deaths among children are also recorded each year. Injuries occur during the winter season as well, although then it is more common at organized sports or entertainment venues and in the presence of adults, therefor medical care is delivered quicker, while during the long summer holidays teenagers often spend the whole day without adult supervision.

“Our experience indicates that children traumatism is soaring with the onset of summer holidays. Shaken off the leash of parental and teacher supervision, schoolchildren shut out safety off their minds and embark on daring adventures, which from time to time unfortunately lead to grim consequences. I sincerely suggest parents have a really serious discussion with their offsprings regarding safety issues during summer, as lot of children have spent the second half of the school year in a quite passive manner – in front of the computer, without the usual sports club exercises or competitions. As a result, the muscles have become relaxed, the body – more fragile and may be not prepared well enough for the challenges that the adolescent's daring mind wants to accept,” BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department Director Kārlis Liepiņš advises a cautious start of the summer.

He also urges parents to pay more attention to their children for at least the first few weeks of their free time and not to leave them unattended for extended periods of time, and to carefully think whether they should be allowed to go swimming alone. Due to the limited opportunities to improve swimming skills in swimming pools this year, teenagers may overestimate their abilities in the water and thus put their lives at risk.

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Elīna Rasmane
Marketing and Public Relations Department Director
BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS

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