Health Insurance

Our health is the basis for all our future dreams and plans. Only a healthy person can be happy in his private life and be efficient at work. BTA does not offer health insurance services to individuals, but you can recommend them to your employer! If your employer has already acquired BTA health insurance policies for the employees, in this section you will find useful information on how you can use your health insurance policy.

Contractual institutions

Why recommend BTA health insurance to your employer?


  • We ensure an individual approach to each customer offering the health insurance policy protection based on the needs and possibilities of a particular company;
  • We offer the most extensive health insurance policy use possibilities, i.e. we have the largest number of contractual medical institutions in Latvia;
  • We ensure convenient claim submission and fast indemnity disbursement when medical services have to be paid from personal funds;
  • By acquiring health insurance policies for employees, your employer can use tax relief.

What is covered by BTA health insurance?

BTA offers many possibilities of what medical services and, to what extent, can be included in a health insurance policy. Each employer can choose, based on what the employer expects and can afford – to what extent to include various services; for instance, he can include partially or completely compensated paid medical services, can set a particular limit or amount to what extent certain services included in the policy can be used, etc.

General information about the services that can be included in the BTA health Insurance policy can be found in section “Business”.

If you want to find out what medical services are covered by your health insurance policy, ask your employer or contact the BTA Customer Support Service  at (+371) 26 12 12 12.

What is the validity territory of the BTA health insurance card?

The validity territory of the health insurance card is the Republic of Latvia.

Remember! The health insurance card does not cover medical treatment or emergency medical aid expenses in foreign countries. If you go abroad and want to protect yourself from unexpected expenses for medical services abroad due to sudden illness or injuries, before you leave the Republic of Latvia we recommend that you acquire BTA travel insurance.

How to use the BTA health insurance card?

  • Before you go to a medical institution, we recommend carefully reading the information about the insurance terms and conditions in the health insurance programme description that has been issued together with the health insurance card.
  • The health insurance card ensures the option to receive partially or completely compensated medical services in the BTA contractual institutions: outpatient and inpatient medical institutions, as well as pharmacies, gym, optical stores, etc., if additional programmes (the list of contractual institutions is available below in section “Where you can use the BTA health insurance policy or the list of contractual institutions”) are included in the card.
  • Before receiving services at BTA contractual institutions, make sure to present the health insurance card and an ID document (passport or ID card).
  • When receiving services at BTA non-contractual institutions, or on occasions when the service compensation is not included in the list of compensated services of a particular BTA contractual institution, first you have to pay from your own funds, then, after receiving the service, you have to submit the documents required to receive the indemnity from us.

Where you can use the BTA health insurance policy or the list of contractual institutions

BTA offers a vast array of opportunities of the use of the health insurance policies. To learn at which institutions you can receive the services included in your health insurance card without paying from your own funds or paying partly with your own funds, use the list of contractual institutions form.

What to do if you have paid for the received medical service from your own funds?

To receive the indemnity for the used services for which you have paid from your own funds, you must submit the following documents immediately, as soon as possible, but not later than within 90 (ninety) days after receiving the service:

  1. the insurance claim hat can be found on the BTA website or received at the nearest BTA Customer Service Centre,
  2. the document confirming the necessity of the medical service, for instance, the extract from the outpatient or inpatient card, doctor’s referral to the examination, medicaments prescription, etc.,
  3. a copy of the payment document (receipt, invoice, etc.) which must include the following information:
    • your name, surname and personal identity number,
    • the received service description, its quantity, price and the date,
    • details of the service provider.
    The original copies of the payment documents leave for yourself, they must be only submitted upon our request.

These documents can be submitted to use in the following ways:

  1. BTA mobile application: for Apple and Android smartphones.
    Take quick and convenient photos of invoices, claim and receive your indemnity immediately! If required, your claim will be handled manually and indemnity will be paid within two business days.
  2. a scanned copy to BTA Customer Portal:
    The Insured person shall send insurance indemnity application claim and scanned documents related to the receipt of the service, following the requirements provided by BTA.
    Within 2 business days as of the moment of receipt of all necessary documents, BTA shall either disburse the insurance indemnity or notify the Insured person about a refusal to grant the insurance indemnity in full or in part. The insurance indemnity shall be transferred to the Insured person’s current banking account as indicated by the latter.
  3. submitting at the nearest BTA Customer Service Centre.

Advice to the BTA insurance policy card holders

How to not spend the sum insured determined for the health insurance card?

As for each type of insurance, the maximum sum or the sum insured within which the services included in the health insurance programme description, is also determined for the health insurance service. When using only paid medical services, the sum insured can be spent and, in such a case, your further medical expenses will not be compensated.

Remember that you, as every taxpayer, are also entitled to receive the state paid medical services so that you can use the paid services in situations when it is urgently necessary. Therefore, when arranging to see a specialist, ask whether this service can also be received from the state funds! Information about the state paid health care services and in which medical institutions, the state paid medical aid, can be received in the fastest and most convenient way can be received by calling the National Health Service free information line 80001234 or at the National Health Service website.

Preventive examination and a healthy life style are very important

To stay fit and in a good mood, listen to our advice.

  • Take timely care of your health! Timely visits to a doctor, advice received from a specialist, and also exercising in the gym will help you forget exhaustion, relieve stress and protect against diseases.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle, maintain a well-balanced diet, rest, as well as be socially and physically active!
  • Do preventive examinations. You will not have to pay the Patient’s Contribution and you can apply timely. A doctor will examine you and recommend the examination required for your age.
  • To avoid additional expenses and save your time, we recommend receiving the medical services at BTA contractual institutions where you will only have to present the BTA health insurance card issued by your employer and the ID document.

Use the possibility to receive the overpaid personal income tax

If your health insurance card provides for partial compensation of certain medical services, make sure you keep the copies of the payment documents. You will be able to submit the annual income declaration to the State Revenue Service for the amount you paid for medical services from your own funds and not covered by your health insurance policy, and receive the overpaid personal income tax back from the state. More information about the submission of the annual income declaration can be found at the State Revenue Service web site.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

  PDF E-doc*
Health Insurance Terms and Conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3.3.
(the reading valid for the policies issued from 10.09.2019)
     + Annex No 5 Exceptions list  
Terms and Conditions No 3.2. (in latvian)
(the reading valid for the policies issued from 01.12.2015)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 4
(version applicable to policies issued after 18.03.2019)
Terms and Conditions No 3
(version applicable to policies issued after 13.12.2011)

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