CASCO and MTPL insurance

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Control in your hands!
Use only when you need it!
Don't guess how long the season will last
Cancel any time
Simple and worry free insurance
insure and it's active! No end date
Fixed monthly price. And we will inform you if anything changes
Easy as paying phone bills
Both together – better!
Purchase both MTPL and CASCO together, spare your time and stop bothering
Split your CASCO payment into as much as 12 instalments – no change in price
24/7 support and assistance
With BTA’s CASCO and MTPL policy – a placid mind amidst any storm!
Any road traffic accident
Run out of fuel? We’ll stock you up!
Stolen lights or mirrors? Take it easy!

Just a few of our bonuses

Replacement car

Replacement car
Replacement car
If your car has been towed away by the BTA Assistance service and it is being repaired, within one day we will replace it with the lease car until the problem, which is keeping your car off the road, is solved. The lease car is provided free of charge for up to 3 days. The class of a rental car is determined in accordance with the class and equipment of your car; however, it will not be higher than compact class.

Roadside assistance

Roadside assistance
Roadside assistance
24 Hour Assistance, Technical Assistance on the Road, Delivery of Fuel, Transportation to a Service Center, Taxi Services, Filling in the Coordinated Accident Statement

Insured luggage

Insured luggage
Insured luggage
BTA will compensate for losses with respect to Luggage Theft, Robbery, damages, Destruction, occurring as a result of sudden and unexpected circumstances, except for cases referred to in “Exceptions” section of these Terms and Conditions. The maximum Insurance Indemnity amount payable for all Insured Events in total during the Insurance Period shall be EUR 1000. Damages Deductible will be applied, when calculating Insurance Indemnity.

All passengers insured

All passengers insured
All passengers insured
You may supplement your Mandatory Third-Party Liability Insurance or Comprehensive Insurance Policy with insurance against accidents for yourself as the driver and the passenger seats in your vehicle, or any passenger travelling with you in your vehicle.

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Frequently asked questions

Why should you choose subscription?

Vehicle insurance subscription allows you to control, when your insurance is effective and when it is not. And you won’t have to guess the proper time-frame for your insurance. When you don’t need it, you may simply cancel your subscription.

Will the monthly payment remain the same all the time?

We will ensure that your monthly payment does not change for at least 12 months. If the monthly charge changes we will timely inform you about it, and you will be able to choose if you want to continue your subscription.

How can I verify if I have any active insurance?

While you pay your monthly payment on time, your subscription remains active. The most convenient way to get all the information on your subscription and insurance is to log in to self-service portal MyBTA.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can do it yourself by logging into self-service portal MyBTA, as well as in any of BTA branch-offices or by calling 26121212.

Will my insurance be terminated as soon as I cancel my subscription?

If you decide to cancel your subscription, your vehicle will be insured until the end of the pre-paid period.

Will the insurance cover change if I choose subscription?

If you choose to ensure your vehicle under a subscription, your car will be insured under the same conditions, if you chose to insure your vehicle for a fixed period.

Can I have insurance subscription if I have several vehicles?

Sure, you can! You will have to develop an individual subscription for each vehicle.

When travelling abroad, take the printouts of CASCO policy and MTPL policy with you because the Latvian MTPL policy register is not available for the traffic police of other countries, and they will not be able to ascertain the existence of your MTPL policy.

If you plan to go to Albania, Belarus, Iran, Israel, Russia, Macedonia, Morocco, Moldova, Tunisia, Turkey or Ukraine, you will have to purchase International Insurance Certificate or the Green Card. You may purchase the Green Card by calling 26 12 12 12, completing the application form or in our customer service centers.

The territory of validity of the CASCO policy can be chosen according to one’s own wishes and needs:

  • Latvia,
  • Baltic States (Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia),
  • European Union
  • European countries +, then the insurance protection shall be in effect in the territory of European countries, as specified in Article 3.5.3 of these Terms and Conditions, and the European part of the Russian Federation located to the West of the Ural Mountains, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan.

Anti-theft devices and equipment

Taking care of the safety of the customers’ cars, we evaluate the car’s anti-theft devices and equipment before purchasing the CASCO insurance policy.

When insuring a vehicle, you must have two keys with factory immobilizer and two alarm controls. The alarm must have sound and light signals; it has to react to the opening of donors, bonnet, as well as the trunk.

For certain makes and models, as well as for exclusive and expensive cars we might ask to install an additional anti-theft device, for example, the secret switch, additional immobilizer, radio observation/search system.

Additional information on the requirements of the alarm system can be acquired by calling the BTA Customer Support Service at 26 12 12 12 or contacting us by any other means more convenient for you. The means of communication can be found at the section “Contacts”.

Mirror engraving

To reduce the likelihood of unpleasant moments that arise in case of vehicle mirror theft, we provide free-of-charge mirror engraving for certain makes of vehicles at our collaborative services.

We offer free-of-charge mirror engraving for the owners of the following makes and models of vehicles that have purchased BTA CASCO policy:

AudiA4, A6, A8, Q5, Q7
BMWAll models
Land RoverDiscovery, Range Rover
LexusAll models
Mercedes Benz C, CLS, E, G, GL, ML un S klase
PorscheAll models
ToyotaLand Cruiser, RAV4
BENTLEYAll models

To perform mirror engraving, present a BTA CASCO insurance policy in force in a BTA collaborative service. A written statement will be given for the engraving. The engraving will be carried out during approximately 50 minutes, without removing the mirror of the vehicle.

Engraving of the mirrors can be carried out at the following BTA collaborative services:

LTD AutonamsRīga, Skanstes street 9A67501850 Apply one business day in advance

Provide your Volvo with headlight tags free of charge, if you have BTA CASCO policy.

BTA takes care of its customers’ safety and offers the owners of all Volvo XC60, XC90, XC70, S80 un V70* cars, who purchased or intend to purchase BTA CASCO policy, to provide their headlights with identifications tags free of charge at our cooperation partner’s SIA “Autonams”

* BTA offers headlight tags free of charge for the following Volvo models acc. to its year of manufacture:
XC60 (2008-2017)
XC90 (2008-2014)
XC70 (2008-2015)
S80 (2008-2015)
V70 (2008-2015)

MTPL insurance product information document 

CASCO insurance product information document 

CASCO terms and conditions

Terms and conditions No 4F6  (the version is in force for policies issued from 03.06.2019.)

CASCO Insurance Subscription terms and conditions  (the version is in force for policies issued from 01.07.2021.)

MTPL terms and conditions

MTPL Insurance Subscription terms and conditions (the version is in force for policies issued from 01.07.2021.)

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