Personal accident insurance

You can’t predict everything, but BTA Personal Accident insurance will make sure that unplanned situations don’t mean unplanned expenses.

Your benefits

12 330
The largest accident compensation € paid out in 2023
Average claims for accidents per day
Indemnities for critical illnesses – cancer, heart attack, Lyme disease, etc.
BTA's years of experience in insurance
For families

Safety for the family

Your family deserves special care and attention.

Child’s joy – we will refund for a variety of entertainment activities and sweets to bring more joy and positive emotions to the child.
Private tuition – if a child is not able to attend school due to a trauma, we will cover the expenses for a private tutor.
Choose a coverage that you need and get a great offer.

Frequent insurance cases


It doesn't take much time to sprain your ankle, but the recovery process takes much longer and can lead to unwanted and unplanned costs.


Every day we come across claims about broken arms, legs, fingers, etc. Injuries can be related to the weather, hobbies or sport activities, or simple carelessness.

Head traumas

Riding a bike or skiing down a hill without a helmet may look cool, but unfortunately, it often results in serious head injuries.

For active lifestyle fans

We care about your hobbies

For everyone running, driving, jumping or simply loving active recreation.

Hobby sports already included in the basic package.
If you are keen on extreme sports – choose yours!
Worldwide insurance coverage.
Accidents insurance
See Martins story

What to do and how to apply for indemnity if an accident has occurred?


If you get an injury, as soon as it becomes possible, but no later than within 24 hours from the moment of getting the injury, you must go to a medical institution for treatment.


Be sure to keep documents (such as checks, payment orders or receipts) that prove the payment for the provided services.


All documents confirming the occurrence of the injury must be received from the medical institution, for example, a statement with an accurate diagnosis, a description of the X-ray (X-ray) examination in the case of fractures, the results of a USG or MR examination in the case of torn ligaments, etc.


Call the BTA Customer Support Service at +371 26 12 12 12 or fill out the indemnity claim easily and quickly on the My BTA portal.

Insurance terms and conditions and product information document

Frequently asked questions

Insurance programms

If you want other or more extensive accident insurance coverage, contact us +371 26 12 12 12.

The accident insurance coverage automatically includes doing the following types of sport or hobbies:

  • workouts in fitness facilities,
  • aerobics and its subtypes,
  • swimming,
  • participation in events or competitions organised within sports festivals,
  • cycling,
  • golf,
  • bowling,
  • curling,
  • orienteering,
  • skating,
  • air balloon ride (as passenger),
  • participation in sports sessions at school, except sports schools,
  • participation in sports events organised by schools, except sports schools.

By selecting “Activities”, the Accident Insurance coverage will include all types of individual and organised physical activities while you participate or do not participate in sports training sessions or competitions on amateur or hobby level, including:

  • hunting,
  • skiing,
  • snowboarding,
  • hockey,
  • basketball,
  • football,
  • volleyball,
  • horse-riding,
  • sailing (inland or coastal waters),
  • driving motorcycle upon participation in the traffic,
  • other activities not qualified as hobbies or types of sport associated with higher levels of risk.

“High-risk activities” can be selected only when drafting an individualized offer, please contact us +371 26 12 12 12. The Personal Accident Insurance coverage will include all types of individual and organised physical activities you do and which require special equipment or attire, doing sports on professional level, i.e., sport is the principal occupation, one of the sources of income, or upon participation in a European or World Championship.

Activities Increased risk activities on hobby, amateur, or professional level include:

  • mountaineering,
  • mountain climbing,
  • speleology,
  • car racing,
  • downhill,
  • BMX,
  • driving quadricycle, or scooter,
  • water sports,
  • riding sports,
  • parachuting,
  • kickboxing,
  • boxing,
  • gliding,
  • paragliding,
  • paragliding,
  • rugby,
  • American football,
  • scuba-diving,
  • flying aircraft (except as aircraft passenger) or use of flying devices,
  • any type of sport or activity involving jumping from height, banking, manoeuvring (with or without acrobatic elements, or overcoming of obstacles.

Let’s talk about some of the insurance indemnities paid out to BTA customers:

The customer paid 15 € for the Accident Insurance A1 programme. Accident – the customer tripped at home, fell and injured his hand. A tendon rupture was diagnosed. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 100 €;
  • medical expenses – 250 €.

The customer paid 37.50 € for the insurance programme A3 policy. Accident – the customer injured a finger while carrying out wall finishing work. A cut wound and tendon damage were diagnosed. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 105 €;
  • medical expenses – 196,45 €.

The customer purchased a B3 programme policy for 61.50 €. Accident – the customer injured his leg while playing football. A ruptured Achilles tendon was diagnosed. The customer received insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 720 €;
  • medical expenses – 690 €;
  • hospital money – 80 €.

The customer paid 52.50 € for the B3 policy. Accident – while playing basketball, a team-mate hit the customer’s head with a basketball, resulting in a diagnosis of concussion and 9 days spent in the hospital. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 80 €;
  • medical expenses – 560 €;
  • hospital money – 180 €;
  • child’s joy – 15 €.

The customer paid 51.25 € for the B3 policy. Accident – while walking down the street, the customer tripped and hit the asphalt with his hand. A fracture of the humerus was diagnosed. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 240 €;
  • medical expenses – 1000 €;
  • hospital money – 20 €.

The customer paid 110.92 € for the C3 policy. Accident – while jumping on the trampoline, the customer hit the leg, as a result of which a fracture of the big toe was diagnosed. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 180 €;
  • medical expenses – 1000 €.

The customer paid 85 € for the C3 policy. Accident – a knee injury occurred while the customer climbed the stairs and slipped. A fracture of the patella was diagnosed. BTA paid the customer insurance indemnity for:

  • injuries – 420 €;
  • medical expenses – 1000 €.

The validity term of the policy is indicated in the policy; however, the policy will not start earlier than the day after the conclusion of the policy.

The insurance operates 24 hours a day, regardless of location. However, please note that planned and emergency medical expenses for programmes A and B are covered only for services received in Latvia, while emergency medical expenses for programme C are also covered in the Baltic countries.

Fill out the indemnity claim on the My BTA customer portal or call our 24-hour customer support service at +371 26 12 12 12.

You can write an application and send it to or contact the support service at +371 26 12 12 12.



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We at BTA, indemnify traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.




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