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The accident insurance coverage automatically includes doing the following types of sport or hobbies:

  • workouts in fitness facilities,
  • aerobics and its subtypes,
  • swimming,
  • participation in events or competitions organised within sports festivals,
  • cycling,
  • golf,
  • bowling,
  • curling,
  • orienteering,
  • skating,
  • air balloon ride (as passenger),
  • participation in sports sessions at school, except sports schools,
  • participation in sports events organised by schools, except sports schools.

By selecting “Activities”, the Accident Insurance coverage will include all types of individual and organised physical activities while you participate or do not participate in sports training sessions or competitions on amateur or hobby level, including:

  • hunting,
  • skiing,
  • snowboarding,
  • hockey,
  • basketball,
  • football,
  • volleyball,
  • horse-riding,
  • sailing (inland or coastal waters),
  • driving motorcycle upon participation in the traffic,
  • other activities not qualified as hobbies or types of sport associated with higher levels of risk.

“High-risk activities” can be selected only when drafting an individualized offer. The Personal Accident Insurance coverage will include all types of individual and organised physical activities you do and which require special equipment or attire, doing sports on professional level, i.e., sport is the principal occupation, one of the sources of income, or upon participation in a European or World Championship.

Activities Increased risk activities on hobby, amateur, or professional level include:

  • mountaineering,
  • mountain climbing,
  • speleology,
  • car racing,
  • downhill,
  • BMX,
  • driving quadricycle, or scooter,
  • water sports,
  • riding sports,
  • parachuting,
  • kickboxing,
  • boxing,
  • gliding,
  • paragliding,
  • paragliding,
  • rugby,
  • American football,
  • scuba-diving,
  • flying aircraft (except as aircraft passenger) or use of flying devices,
  • any type of sport or activity involving jumping from height, banking, manoeuvring (with or without acrobatic elements, or overcoming of obstacles.

Insurance product information document

Accident insurance terms and conditions

Terms and conditions No. 8-2  (version valid for policies issued from 26.09.2017)

+ Annexes:

Annex No.1 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

Annex No.2 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

Annex No.3 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

Annex No.4 to Terms and conditions No. 8-2 

General insurance terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions No 4  (version applicable to policies issued after 18.03.2019)

Terms and Conditions No 3  (version valid for policies issued from 13.12.2011)

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