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What to do in the case of an accident?


Minimize the damages as much as possible. Make sure that in the event of a fire, gas leak or vandalism, the relevant authorities are notified by calling 112. Take pictures of the accident site.


Fill in the claim application or call our customer support service hotline at +371 26 12 12 12, or report the accident by e-mailing to


We will help you sort out, what documents to fill in for insurance claim decision making. If necessary, we will recommend a suitable partner for identification of damages.


We will consider your claim as soon as possible and let you know the decision.

Additional information and claim documents

In case of an accident, please proceed as follows:

1. in order to perform the rescue operations as well as to document the circumstances and the cause of the accident, please contact the respective rescue service or institution immediately:

- in case a person has suffered, call the ambulance on 113 or 03;

- in case of fire, call the State Fire and Rescue Service on 112 or 01;

- in case of gas leakage, call the Gas Emergency Service on 114 or 04;

- in case there is a probability that the accident has been caused by activities of other individuals, please report to the police on 110 or 02 immediately;

- in case of fluid or steam leakage, please report to the manager of the building (if applicable);

2. to the extent possible, without exposing yourself to danger, take every effort to save the property and preclude further damage;

3. to the extent possible after the completion of the rescue operations, try to keep the site of the accident intact and preserve the remains of the damaged insured object;

4. as soon as possible, please contact BTA Customer Service by calling 26 12 12 12 to receive instructions on how to proceed and to register your insured event.

If you have suffered an accident, you can claim the insurance indemnity using the option which is most convenient for you.

1. Log in to BTA Customer Portal.

Make your application quick and simple in Customer Portal, indicate all the information on the insurable event and add all the necessary documents.

2. By calling the BTA Customer Support on 26 12 12 12.

In an unlikely case of not being able to reach the BTA Customer Support on the phone, or in case you do not wish to wait for your call to be answered by the BTA Customer Support, you may fill in the “Call Order” form on the BTA website, and a BTA expert will call you at your preferred time.

3. By sending the information regarding the accident by e-mail to

In your e-mail, please provide a brief description of the accident and also include your contact details for us to be able to contact you. You may enclose the completed Indemnity Claim Form with your e-mail, so that we can clarify any outstanding issues during the telephone conversation.

4. By visiting your nearest BTA Customer Service Centre in person.

5. By contacting your insurance agent, broker.

Caring about our customers, we assure that the indemnity matter is processed and the decision is carried within the shortest possible timelines. If, as result of an accident, your property or belongings have suffered minor damage, you will be able to receive your insurance indemnity on the same day or within just a few days of the registration of your insured event and completion of the necessary documents and photos. If you call BTA Customer Support on 26 12 12 12 to claim your insurance indemnity, we will inform you about the necessary documents.

In an average of 60 % of the cases this year, we have carried the decisions regarding the payment of the insurance indemnity in private property insurance matters on the day of or the day following the receipt of the indemnity claim and provision of the necessary information by our customers. 

In case you prefer to submit an electronic insurance claim form to us by attaching it to the claim application form or e-mail, make sure you save it to your computer by all means prior to filling in.

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We at BTA, indemnify traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.


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