Health Insurance

Fast and convenient indemnity claims in BTA Health insurance application! Moreover, you’ll be able to see the available insurance programme limits and follow up the status of insurance claim cases. Download and familiarize yourself with the application here!

To avoid paying for the services included in your health insurance card from personal funds, visit BTA contractual institutions:

Contractual institutions

In case you have paid from your own funds for any medical service included in your health insurance card, we encourage you to submit a claim via Customer Portal, having attached the payment attesting documents and other documents required:


Where the BTA health insurance policy can be used without paying from personal funds?

To avoid paying for the services included in your health insurance card from personal funds, visit BTA contractual institutions.

How to receive indemnity when the medical services are paid from personal funds?

To receive the indemnity for the used services for which you have paid from your own funds, you must submit the following documents immediately, as soon as possible, but not later than within 90 (ninety) days after receiving the service:

  1. the insurance claim hat can be found on the BTA website or received at the nearest BTA Customer Service Centre,
  2. the document confirming the necessity of the medical service, for instance, the extract from the outpatient or inpatient card, doctor’s referral to the examination, medicaments prescription, etc.,
  3. a copy of the payment document (receipt, invoice, etc.) which must include the following information:
    • your name, surname and personal identity number,
    • the received service description, its quantity, price and the date,
    • details of the service provider.
    The original copies of the payment documents leave for yourself, they must be only submitted upon our request.

These documents can be submitted to use in the following ways:

  1. BTA mobile application: for Apple and Android smartphones.
    Take quick and convenient photos of invoices, claim and receive your indemnity immediately! If required, your claim will be handled manually and indemnity will be paid within two business days.
  2. a scanned copy to BTA Customer Portal:
    The Insured person shall send insurance indemnity application claim and scanned documents related to the receipt of the service, following the requirements provided by BTA.
    Within 2 business days as of the moment of receipt of all necessary documents, BTA shall either disburse the insurance indemnity or notify the Insured person about a refusal to grant the insurance indemnity in full or in part. The insurance indemnity shall be transferred to the Insured person’s current banking account as indicated by the latter.
  3. submitting at the nearest BTA Customer Service Centre.

Information about State Revenue Service statements

Request a statement, developed electronically by BTA to submit to SRS

If during previous years, BTA has partially covered your health insurance invoices, you may indicate the part, not covered by BTA, in annual income declaration to SRS and include it as justified expenses in order to receive the overpaid personal income tax.

Complete your application in order to receive the automatically developed statement quickly and simply and submit to SRS EDS system for all the invoices and payments thereupon, submitted to BTA within the fixed period.


In case you prefer to submit an electronic insurance claim form to us by attaching it to the claim application form or e-mail, make sure you save it to your computer by all means prior to filling in.

  Form Template
Health insurance claim form