Commercial Property Insurance

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commercial property insurance commercial property insurance

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Frequently asked questions

We insure all types of immovable property:

  • buildings, structures, waterworks, and their utilities;
  • internal finish;
  • goods, produce, raw materials, equipment;
  • production equipment, office equipment, inventory;
  • glazing - show-cases, surfaces, stained-glass windows;

Insurance of buildings and structures includes insurance of the external and internal finish, real property utilities (pipelines, wiring, heating, ventilation, and conditioning systems, etc.) as well as other integral parts of the real property.

Either in addition to the real property insurance or separate movable property insurance:

  • movable fixed assets (such as office equipment, technological equipment, machine tools);
  • current assets - stock (such as raw materials, unfinished and finished products, packaging materials, products for sale);
  • rented property - movable property owned by third parties and used on some legal basis;
  • accepted property - movable property owned by third parties.

Commercial Property Insurance is valid in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.
Based on customer preferences and requests, we also offer movable property insurance outside the Republic of Latvia.

Insurance product information document 

Insurance product information document 

Insurance product information document 

Commercial Property Insurance Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions No 4A-1  (the wording applies to policies issued starting from 01.02.2018)

Terms and Conditions of Commercial Property All Risks Insurance

Terms and Conditions No 4B-1  (the wording applies to policies issued starting from 15.08.2018)

General insurance terms and conditions

Terms and Conditions No 4  (version applicable to policies issued after 18.03.2019)

Terms and Conditions No 3  (version applicable to policies issued after 13.12.2011)



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Insured risks

We at BTA, indemnify traffic damage caused by the party who has taken out motor insurance and the cost of medical treatment for third parties (owners of other vehicles, cyclists, pedestrians) and damage to property of third parties.




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