Timely take care of safety of your family and home to enjoy the vacation


BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA) reminds: during the vacation season, you should definitely keep in mind to take care of the safety of your relatives, especially – children, as well as your home, as any unpleasant surprises can ruin your family plans.


“There are many, who leave home during their vacation to go on a trip, head to the nature or to a summer cottage. Regardless of the destination and plans, one should take a look back over the shoulder and take care of what is being left behind, taking all possible safety measures to prevent any sticky fingers reaching out for your property,” emphasizes Ivo Danče, BTA Baltic Risks Underwriting Department Director.


“The dwelling place should definitely be insured, and one should listen to the recommendations of the State Police and security experts, although it is but a one-time event, while taking care of the safety of children and other relatives is a duty for the entire duration of the vacation, to avoid unpleasant and painful experiences.”


“For families, we recommend procuring Personal accident insurance, which would make a potential injury less painful at least financially, and to take care of the most appropriate insurance cover for home,” says I. Danče.  


In the warm season, the average number of children injuries triples, at a video conference on children security during summer organized by the National Children Rights Protection Inspectorate said Jānis Upenieks, paediatric surgeon at the Children Clinic University Hospital.


He also drew attention not just to the injuries of arms and legs by falling, but also to the start of the barbecue season, which can often result in severe injuries for small children. "I always tell parents – a hot object looks just the same as a cold one, and small kids are unable to conceive that they may not touch a barbecue, thus sustaining severe burns," said J. Upenieks.


During Līgo festivities, injuries most often occur to young people, who get burns by jumping over the fire. The doctor recalled a case from his experience, when on the second day of the festivities, the morning of Jāņi Day, small children, who sometimes wake up, while the grownups are still sleeping, and the Jāņi fire has seemingly gone out, start playing with ember and get their palms and feet burned.


The medic also drew the attention of parents to correct use of the trampoline. "Prior to even start using a trampoline, one should by all means read its manual and explain it to children to avoid severe injuries," urged J. Upenieks. The trampoline may never be used without the protective mesh, and the number of children in it may not exceed the number specified in the manual.


In order to avoid spending the rest of your life in a wheelchair, the doctor implores not to head-dive in water, as it is unfortunately being done each year by reckless people, with grim consequences.


Financially painful also are any damages to the place of dwelling, which may result not just by someone’s malicious intent, but also because of an everyday life accident – one should take into account various factors, to include risks of pipeline bursts and fires.


The State Police suggests taking care of the security of your home, emphasizing that the number of thefts traditionally goes up during the vacation season:


- when you leave your place of residence or go to sleep, keep your windows and balcony doors shut;


- when leaving for a longer time, ask your neighbours to keep an eye on your home;


- take care of the safety of your personal belongings – keep your valuables in a safe;


- install an alarm, video surveillance.


The State Police also emphasize that a large part of the committed thefts from homes often occur because the owners, when leaving, or even being there, have not locked the doors and shut the windows. It is worth noting that it is the reason why particularly the ground floor inhabitants should keep in mind always to shut them.


When willing to get more protection against thieves, a wise thing to consider is installation of an alarm and video surveillance cameras. As regards personal belongings – cash, jewellery and other valuables may not be left in the lobby, they definitely should be kept somewhere safe, best of all – in a good quality strong-box, reminds the State Police.


BTA, in turn, recommends insuring your property against such accident risks and be prepared for your vacation thoroughly, by taking care of the health of your family, as well as the safety of your home.


BTA wishes nice and safe summer holidays to everyone!


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