Lucaus: go to a place, were you feel safe and expected


BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter –BTA) does not feel like joining the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators in its address to travellers “fear? better stay at home”, rather urging them to go to places, where they feel expected and safe, not to be shy to postpone trips to a later time, when the traveller feels sure about his or her visit to that country. BTA Board Chairman Jānis Lucaus reminds that insurance policies include travel cancellation risks.


Cancellation of a scheduled trip insurance has been included for our customers, who have selected appropriate cover policies, also in cases, when there is fear for the safety of one’s own or co-travellers at the point of destination. Irrespective whether it is earthquakes, terror acts or civil revolution there, when a client, who has obtained a travel policy of the right sort, says – I admit, I am scared, because these are terrifying things going on there that I read – then we as the insurer cover the direct losses incurred, in line with the policy terms,” says J. Lucaus.


The policy of the insurance company is to tell its customers: better go elsewhere, or go have a rest a bit later, when you really can enjoy it, without having to fear for your safety, and we will cover these losses. The head of BTA reminds that losses will be covered irrespective of the fact, whether it is an airline ticket, bus ticket, a ticket for visiting a tourism object, a ticket to a concert or football match, or a rented car. “We will cover these expenses in accordance with the selected insurance programme,” emphasizes the chairman of the insurance company board.

According to him, BTA as a responsible insurer tells its customers: better go and have a rest when you feel like doing it, when you feel safe and are emotionally ready to relax and enjoy.


BTA does not agree with the position of the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators “fear? better stay at home”. That is just that reason why the insurer suggests choosing appropriate insurance policies with the adequate cover, so that the individual, when feeling anxious or under stress, would not incur financial losses. Instead of scaring people and pressing them to go on a purchased trip as doomed, even when not feeling safe, BTA rather prefers to educate and encourage them to make the correct decisions in a rational way. “We would like to bring a consoling message and encourage our clients not to emotionally ruin their vacation,” says J. Lucaus.


According to the news, the flow of tourists from Latvia to Spain has not been stopped due to terrorist attacks occurring in Barcelona on Thursday evening and Cambrils on Friday morning, confirmed Astrīda Trupovniece, an official of the Association of Latvian Travel Agents and Operators. Nevertheless, she advises travellers to avoid visiting crowded places abroad. “Nowadays, the probability of terrorism is omnipresent. The tourism flow will not be stopped for this reason. If in fear, better stay at home,” said Trupovniece.

As announced, a car driven by alleged terrorists ploughed into pedestrians, injuring seven persons, in a sea resort town Cambrils, lying 120 kilometres south of Barcelona, in the early hours of Friday morning. A similar attack happened in Barcelona in Thursday evening, where 13 people got killed and around 100 injured.


Additional information:
Elīna Rasmane
Marketing and Public Relations Department Director
BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS