Līgas receive relatively larger insurance indemnities than Jāņi


Līgas are obviously more conscientious property and health insurance policy holders than Jāņi, they also make insurance claims relatively more often – although the number ladies in Latvia bearing the name Līga is nearly five times less than men called Jānis, the amount of insurance indemnities paid to Līgas is not far behind from that paid to Jāņi, constituting 63% of that amount, such a conclusion was made by BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA).


There are 49,272 men named Jānis registered in Latvia and 10,443 women named Līga, according to data of the Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs.


“Apparently, Līgas are more careful by purchasing insurance policies, and relatively more often use them and receive insurance indemnities,” suggests BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department Director Kārlis Liepiņš.


Last year, Jāņi have made 5536 insurance claims, while Līgas – 3047 insurance claims, and the amount of insurance indemnities paid to them is respectively 844,562 euros and 305,038 euros.


“The highest number of insurance cases in 2019 was reported in the health insurance sector: Jāņi have made 4747 health claims to BTA, and disbursed 204,384 euros in indemnities. Līgas have had a need to make such claims in 2720 cases, and they received indemnities for a total of 105,241 euros,” says K.Liepiņš.


“The second largest quantity of insurance claims was registered regarding MTPL policies, and this is where Līgas have nearly caught up with Jāņi – Jāņi have made 150 MTPL claims, while Līgas – 118 claims. Respectively, insurance indemnities paid to Jāņi amounted to 203,075 euros, while Līgas have received 114,182 euros in MTPL indemnities,” he adds.


K. Liepiņš calls on all drivers to take care of the health of their own and of others and to be responsible when it comes to driving during the holiday period.


The Road Traffic Safety Directorate, in its turn, will make a public address by its most effective, in the recent years, anti-intoxication campaign series "Angry, but alive!"


As a result of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate’s campaign, as well the regular State Police raids, the number of deaths due to drunk-driving caused accidents has reduced eight times, and the number of injured – four times. Last year, insobriety related traffic accidents claimed 14 lives, with 232 persons injured.


Latvia is among the leaders in this respect in Europe – within the period from 2006 to 2016 Latvia has been the third best performing country in the European Union, who has managed to achieve a reduction in the number of drunk-driving accident deaths. Moreover, an average of 25% of lethal tragedies occur while driving under the influence in Europe, while in Latvia this rate is only 10%.


Educating the public by reminding not to drive under the influence should be continued – this is supported by the last year's study of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate, the conclusion of which was that two thirds of respondents still consider driving under the influence to be a problem. Moreover, one in five respondents admitted that they or their acquaintance had been involved in a car accident because the driver had taken the wheel after consuming alcohol.


Also, 13% respondents admitted that they have happened to be driving under influence within the past three years. As an excuse for that, the respondents most frequently had mentioned insufficient sleep after alcohol consumption or the fact that they had to get home after the party. Being asked: “What would prevent people from driving under influence?”, the responses included the negative experience of the respondent or others, severer penalties and effective traffic safety campaigns. The "Angry, but alive!" campaign is organized together with the State Police, and it is financed from the funds of MTPL insurance, inform the Road Traffic Safety Directorate.


BTA wishes nice and safe Līgo celebration to everyone!


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