In winter, active recreation lovers get less hurt, while their injuries are more severe


This year weather conditions were especially gratifying for winter lovers, who choose to spend their leisure indulging in active recreation – skiing, snowboarding or ice-skating in open ponds. Altogether injuries occur less frequently in the cold season than in summer, however, those are the most severe injuries and take longer recovery, according to data, summarized by BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter – BTA).


Up to now, BTA received 65 claims in winter of 2018/2019 for the injuries sustained during active leisure activities, 18% of the injuries were particularly severe – fractures, open wounds and cerebral commotions. Bone fractures occur most often – 80%, ligament ruptures – 10%, head injuries, cerebral commotions – 5%. Healing such kind of wounds takes a long recovery, which might take from two or three weeks up to several months.


BTA informs that the most severe treatment of an accident insured by BTA in the course of the current winter season was an occasion, when a client was skiing downhill and fell having sustained a cerebral commotion and a spinal injury. Currently, the client is in coma and stays in the French hospital. Nevertheless, the total indemnity payable cannot yet be identified, BTA shall cover medical, transportation expenses and arrival expenses for relatives; currently these expenses are measured in thousands. So far, the largest indemnity was disbursed for the knee injury sustained while skiing.


“Previous winter seasons here, in Latvia, were rather short, that is why active recreation lovers have always cared to benefit from winter opportunities whenever the weather conditions allowed them doing so. This year the situation is slightly different. Winter came quite early; the 1st of December was already available for visitors of active recreation centres, open and offering downhill skiing and snowboarding. As compared to the same period of the last season, the number of injuries increased by 14%. The most frequent injuries are bruises, dislocated or strained ankles and muscles, fractures and head injuries. BTA recommends those favouring winter leisure options to take care of their safety and to choose the most appropriate outfit for the activities, to prevent yourself from experiences unforeseen expenses and to purchase private accident insurance,” encourages BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department director Kārlis Liepiņš.


To avoid winter activities leading to visiting a hospital or ruining your vacation, while continuing having a good time, BTA encourages you to bear in mind the most important safety conditions.


First, while staying in a public recreation place, one should always observe the terms of safe use of the skiing piste, skating-rink or the terms of safe use of another recreation spot. Second, take care of the appropriate outfit and equipment. Third, avoid using alcohol and staying intoxicated during active recreation activities. Fourth, when you are going to spend your leisure with your kids, take care of them, so that in case of injuries you are able to render emergency medical aid immediately. Moreover, as a last piece of advice, each passionate active recreation lover should be able to evaluate one’s physical training and skills properly, and, when doing sports for the first time, to refresh one’s skills slowly and to increase the speed and the load gradually.




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Additional information:

Elīna Rasmane

Marketing and Public Relations Department Director

BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS