BTA: We can and do meet the modern requirement – light-speed customer problem solving


Strolling in the hasty pace of the modern world, the customer expects involvement of the insurer as soon as possible, and the insurer’s subsequent assistance, in order to restore the dwelling possibly sooner, to repair the car, or continue a trip with peace of mind. How fast and easy it is to get insurer’s support and solve a problem is told by Anda Savļenko, Head of Customer Support Service of BTA Baltic Insurance Company.


When in a situation, when insurer’s involvement is required, the first idea occurring to the unlucky one – I will have to go somewhere, wait in a queue, settle a range of formalities.

Just for this reason BTA customers experience a pleasant surprise, as nearly all car, property, private accident, travel insurance related issues can be solved over the phone or by means of any modern social communication channels. You do not have to go anywhere, which, naturally, is an important time-saving aspect.

A person, when contacting the Customer Support Service, can get any service, access absolutely the entire spectrum of products, find out any necessary information and quickly get hands-on assistance. For instance, when a technical malfunction or an accident has occurred to the customer on road, BTA’s consultant will suggest the best ways of acting to get the situation solved and what the following steps are to make insurance claim. Over the phone is an option to settle the so-called fast-tracked claims, for instance, the consultant gives instructions, which car repair shop the customer should be going to, explain – what services will be refunded and to what extent, etc., one can make an insurance claim during the telephone conversation, and it may as well be done online.

Moreover, a telephone conversation is good for obtaining any type of insurance policy and paying for it right on the spot. Customers admit this as very convenient and are happy to use this option again, when renewing the policy. At present, more than a half of insurance policies are paid for during telephone conversation.

Among financial sector companies, BTA Customer Support Service is one of the largest call centres in the Baltic States, employing a few dozen employees and offering the broadest range of services. The Customer Support Service operates in all three Baltic States according to a common principle, with constantly improving and expanding the list of services provided to customers.

If a person is in Lithuania or Estonia and calling the Customer Support Service of Latvia, we can get our Lithuanian or Estonian colleagues involved to provide the best and quickest assistance.


What are the peak times – in day and in week – when people contact the Customer Support Service?

For the major part, customers call within business hours, the quantity of calls is higher on Mondays and Fridays, as well as on days following holidays. It is due to the common misconception that there is no point to call the insurer on weekends or during holidays, better wait for Monday, although BTA Customer Support Service provides assistance each day around the clock, as well as on weekends and during holidays.


Can the Customer Support Service be contacted also via social networks?

We take care that our customers could contact us the way they find the most comfortable – WhatsApp, chat, Skype, Viber. By ushering WhatsApp, BTA’s Customer Support Service pioneered in the financial field, and now it is the third most favoured communications channel used by customers to communicate with BTA.  For instance, to make an insurance claim, WhatsApp comes very handy to send documents or pictures right from the accident site. Meanwhile the most preferred social network to communicate with the insurer in Lithuania and Estonia is Viber.

Very handy for purchasing insurance policy, checking information about a current insurance policy or the progress of a placed insurance claim, is BTA’s self-service portal Customers can ask a particular question to the insurer and quickly receive answer in the self-service portal as well as BTA website by means of the chat function.

In case the customer feels that there is a matter not quite clear, while operating in the self-service portal environment, the Customer Support Service staff can connect and help to solve the issues.


Can the Customer Support Service assistance be received that fast also when you are somewhere further abroad?

We will help also when our customer is somewhere far away abroad, organize assistance to customers, who have obtained BTA travel insurance, as well as customers, having trouble of technical nature with their car. Customers really appreciate that – when you find yourself in an unfamiliar environment and get into an unexpected situation, we help to find a quick solution.


How do you manage to achieve that the support service staff are brisk and agile to answer any question any time of the day?

BTA Customer Support Service has three sections – telephone service, remote claims handling and telemarketing. Employees fit for the particular job work in each section, for instance, telephone service section employs staff able to work at night-time as well and be expedient in communicating through various communication channels. While telemarketing employs persons with a knack for sales, and it is confirmed by the fact that there is a significant growth in our sales volumes each year. The staff working at the remote claims handling section are our most seasoned employees, apart from just advising our customers, they also can and do make insurance claim decisions already during the telephone conversation.



About BTA

BTA Baltic Insurance Company is a major insurance company in the Baltic States, offering the broadest range of non-life insurance services in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The largest shareholder of BTA is Vienna Insurance Group AG, one of the leading insurers in Europe with 190 years of experience in the insurance field. More than 50 companies in 25 countries constitute the group, which employs 24,000 employees. Vienna Insurance Group AG is a clear leader in its core markets in Europe maintaining high rating of financial stability – Standard & Poor’s A+ (stable outlook), with a listing on the Vienna and the Prague Stock Exchange.



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