BTA: The first snow makes bridges and road junctions particularly dangerous


According to weather forecasters, we may expect the first snow this week. BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter – BTA) warns that the major part of road traffic accidents occur right during the first snow has fallen, as many have not yet managed to mount winter tyres on their vehicles, while bridges and road cross-overs get ice-coated and road junctions – jammed. These are the reasons why BTA reminds drivers and other road users be particularly careful.


The first snow always is a challenge to those riding cars or using public transport. As the weather changes, BTA suggests drivers select an appropriate driving speed, avoid fast breaking and direction change manoeuvres. Also, go easy on treading on the accelerator, easier than usual, and better maintaining a larger distance.


Last year, the first snow reached Latvia on the 1st of November, and BTA received 26 insurance claims within the first month, which is by 10 % more than during September and October. For the major part, they were due to failure to maintain safe distance, the car swerving, when a car parked on the street gets caught, or skidding on a snowy road, or car damages due to ice and snow falling on bonnet.


Problems to many drivers are caused by failure to timely switch from summer to winter tyres, which, according to the Road Traffic Safety Directorate regulations, must be accomplished until 1st December. Therefore, when a road traffic accident occurs in November and the customer has failed to manage to change them, the insurer has no reason to reject accepting insurance claim.


In case of occurrence of a potential insured event or road traffic accident, BTA advises its customers to call BTA’ s 24/7 hotline at +371 26121212 as soon as possible and provide information about the accident and follow the received instructions. If a road traffic accident has occurred, one should act according to the effective legislation, notifying the police thereof or completing the agreed statement of facts on motor vehicle accident.



 About BTA

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Elīna Rasmane
Marketing and Public Relations Department Director
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