BTA: Nastiest injuries occur in absolutely casual situations


Casual, seemingly innocent situations quite often result in unpleasant experience and lengthy recovery. BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA) receives an average of 350 claims per month regarding compensation of expenses for medical treatment for various personal accidents. This October, people most often have sustained finger fractures, as well as got hurt and broken bones by falling from private house roof or broken ladder step.


One careless move, an unexpected twist of events while doing a thing you have been doing a hundred times before, and you have to seek medical assistance. Some has applied too much pressure when squeezing a tube of superglue, which then fountained in the eye, some has fallen into a sewer manhole with a loose lid, another has slipped on a plastic bag and sprained ligaments. Elderly people in rural areas often misjudge their abilities when taking cattle to pastures, and get pressed against a wall, pulled off their feet to the ground or, for instance, the cow tramples on its master’s foot, which results in fractured foot bones.

The risk of injuries remains high throughout the year for children, as they often get lost in a game and running around, and forget of vary basic caution. Schoolchildren most often get brain concussions, broken fingers or sprained ankles. In winter, large part of injuries are sustained while enjoying snow – going downhill, snowball fighting or skiing.


«With the onset of winter, the probability of getting into accidents grows, even for pedestrians. Sidewalks can be icy and slippery in mornings. Icicles and snow lumps start falling from roofs, it’s getting more complicated for cars to stop before pedestrian crossings. In order to protect oneself against unexpected expenses to cover medical treatment costs and have a safety cushion during a period of incapacity to work, while living through those unpleasant moments after an accident, it is advisable to get protected by a personal accident insurance policy» - considering an insurance option suggests Kārlis Liepiņš, BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department Director.


BTA Personal accident insurance policy is usually purchased by private individuals, who take care of their health and the health of those around them, as well as employers, who complement the policies under their Staff Health Insurance Plan with Personal accident policies in line with employee’s work peculiarities, preferences, and affordability. BTA Personal accident policy covers risks like injuries sustained in road traffic accidents, physical attack or daily business, dog and cat bites, injuries incurred during farm jobs and exercising, and even breaking a tooth while eating.

There are lots of insurance claims for very diverse daily injuries. Children get burns from splashing a boiling drink onto themselves, touch a hot stove, get fingers snapped by a car door. Adults, stepping out of the shower, slip on floor tiles of the bathroom, fall and end up with a damaged knee-joint ligaments or a broken arm. While operating an electric angle grinder during household repair works, fingers most often get hurt. Quite often the indemnity payment cases are related to falling down the stairs – stairs between floors, as well as ladders.

All these daily risks can be insured against and get compensated for treatment, irrespective of the its occurrence circumstances – how serious or comic they may have been. For instance, indemnity has been disbursed to a worker, who fell off a tree, breaking a number of lumbar vertebrae, as well as to a person, who happened to roll out of the couch and knocked his head against a corner of the coffee table. An essential aspect is that the policy can be either individualized, by including the necessary risks, or any of the existing programmes can be selected.


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