BTA: Latvians are responsible for family and work, yet pay insufficient attention to their health


As a result of the public survey organised by the Insurance Joint Stock Company “BTA Baltic Insurance Company” (BTA), it was established that inhabitants of Latvia feel the greatest responsibility towards their family (90%), work duties (68%), and financial obligations (68%). The biggest concern for inhabitants is caring for health. 35% of respondents admitted that they had not been responsible enough for their health condition over the recent six months.


Survey results suggest that the responsibility assessment of Latvia’s inhabitants is very high. The fact that 92% of inhabitants easily handle their work duties and 86% fulfil family duties without any difficulties suggest the high duty awareness of Latvia’s inhabitants. Simultaneously, it can be seen that responsibility towards oneself and one’s health most often pales into insignificance: only 59% consider that they manage to fulfil duties towards themselves. Both lack of free time and limited finances are mentioned as reasons for that.


“By understanding the fast dynamics of life of inhabitants, it is clear that there might not be enough time and attention for everything. Understanding of oneself as a value is vitally necessary for everyone to provide maximum contribution to both own life and the life of others. It is the most crucial thing we should change in our behaviour”, as indicated by Jānis Lucaus, BTA Chairperson of the Board, commenting the survey. “In our daily work, we feel that inhabitants wish to pay greater attention to their health, growth, education, and career in future. It is suggested also by the fact that 41% of respondents would like to undertake greater responsibility for themselves in future”.


To understand better how to help people to ease their responsibility, within the framework of its survey, BTA established the most widespread “responsibility traps”, i.e. impediments prohibiting from fulfilling duties. Over a half of respondents (52%) admitted that the most crucial reason prohibiting from managing responsibilities was insufficiency of funds. Inhabitants name stress (47%), excessive burden of duties (30%), and lack of support from others (26%) as other important reasons that hinder thinking with a clear mind and making correct decisions.


“No matter how strong and confident we are, when left alone we can end up in difficulty. To handle duties easier, it is recommended sharing them and searching for support. It is significantly easier to be responsible if there is support provided by surrounding people, for instance, a partner to jointly plan funds, friends to discuss accumulated problems, or course mates to prepare for exams together. We as an insurer also understand our role, providing the feeling of security in everyday life and financial assistance in difficult situations”, as noted by Jānis Lucaus, BTA Chairperson of the Board.


AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company conducted the public survey aimed at establishing how easily inhabitants of Latvia handled responsibility in June 2017, surveying 805 respondents across Latvia.


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