BTA: Largest insurance indemnity paid for a road traffic accident – EUR 60,185


Largest insurance indemnity paid for a road traffic accident in the first seven months of this year was 60,185 euros – for accident, where a truck driver tried to avoid collision with a wild animal, according to data of BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA).


“Among the largest indemnities are also EUR 54,325 paid for a collision of two Volvos – a car and a truck, EUR 46,435 for an accident, where a car had hit the back of the car in front, thus pushing it into the oncoming traffic lane, and EUR 44,935 for a collision of a truck and three other cars,” accounts BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department Director Kārlis Liepiņš.


The number of insurance claims made to BTA for road traffic accidents in the first seven months of 2019 were 7050, with the amount disbursed in indemnities reaching over 10 million euros.


“Such quantity of road traffic accidents can be explained not only by the poor condition of roads, but weather conditions as well, which included steep temperature fluctuations in the cold season and the heavy rains at the beginning of this summer. When making choices of their diving speed and manoeuvres on road, drivers frequently underestimate factors such as fatigue, stress and lack of experience, which often create risky situations,” emphasizes K. Liepiņš.


According to the State Police data summary, the quantity of traffic accidents in general in Latvia in the first seven months of this year has remained approximately on the level of the previous year. It has been 11,605 accidents registered this year, and 11,615 – last year.


The death toll of traffic accidents in Latvia for the first seven months of this year has been 76 persons, which is more than a year ago for the same period. It was 66 casualties last year and 76 – this year, for the same period, while the number of injured ones was respectively 2488 and 2702.


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