BTA: each day cars hit by snow and ice falling from rooftops


BTA Baltic Insurance Company (hereinafter – BTA) this week has received already more than 15 CASCO insurance claims for vehicle damages, caused by snow and ice blocks falling from rooftops of buildings. The rising numbers of such accidents make BTA warn drivers: the falling snow and ice is a serious threat to human health, it also may cause significant damages to a car, therefore drivers are requested to be careful and pay particular attention to the place they are about to place their car.


During this week, BTA has received a number of insurance claims regarding injuries sustained on slippery roads, pavements and stairs. These accidents have led to bruises, as well as broken legs and arms. During these last days, when the air temperature has risen above zero Celsius, the number of CASCO claims received by BTA regarding accidents when snow and ice has fallen from building roofs and damaged car roofs, hoods, smashed windshields, broken rear-view mirrors, damaged the sides and other car body parts. In one of the cases the impact of the fallen snow was so great that it damaged even car parts in its interior. All accidents involving damaged cars had happened in Riga.


Iveta Rijniece, Insurance Claims Handling Department Director of BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS: “In the majority of cases, damages have been relatively minor – broken rear-view mirror, cracked car glass, various scratches or dents on the car body. Anyway, BTA has experienced that falling snow is also able to cause considerable damages to a car worth a couple of thousand euros, for instance, when damages involve not just the car body, but the impact has affected engine parts. Considering the weather conditions at the moment, we suggest drivers be careful and evaluate the circumstances, where they intend to leave their car, which means paying attention and checking whether the adjacent building roof or trees have accumulated thick layer of snow and whether the adjacent territory has been marked by warning “do not cross” tape, suggesting that roof clearing works might be on the way. We also remind that roof clearing of snow and ice is an obligation of the building owner or manager. Those drivers that have fallen victim to snow or ice, fallen on their car thus damaging it, should definitely report the accident and call the municipal police or produce an accident report statement with the building owner or manager, when known. Car owners having CASCO insurance can submit insurance claim to their insurance company, while those without a CASCO policy can address the building owner or manager requesting to indemnify for the incurred losses.”


In order to protect yourself and your property, at the same time avoiding impeding the utility management services  in their snow removal work from streets and rooftops, BTA suggests paying particular attention during the time of thaw to informative notices about snow removal works on walls outside, and inside the entrances of apartment houses, and mind all directions.


About BTA


BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter - BTA) was established in 2014 as a result of reorganization of BTA Insurance Company SE (now – Balcia Insurance SE), by splitting the company according to the geographic boundaries of business:  the Baltic States and the rest of Europe. In August 2016, Vienna Insurance Group AG, a leading insurer in Europe, became as the biggest shareholder of the company. BTA has obtained a licence for provision of all type of non-life insurance services across the three Baltic States.



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