BTA: creating the Christmas mood and burning candles can cost more than a couple dozen euros


With Christmas approaching, people light up candles to create a festive mood, although this joy for many can cause really massive damage to your home. During the Advent and Christmas time, the greatest threat to property is fire damage, as fixing its consequences require the highest amount of funds, according to data of BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (BTA).  BTA suggests paying particular attention when using open flame when awaiting the most beautiful celebration of winter. 


According to BTA data, 41 property has sustained fire damage during the winter months of last year.  In 2017, the average costs of covering the one fire accident reached nearly 14,000 euros, which is by 31% more than in 2016. Close to 565,000 euros were paid in indemnities to repair fire damages last year.


There is a steep rise in the number of property accident insurance claims each year right around the festivity time. Often the reason of fire at homes are candles in Advent wreaths and Christmas trees lit and left unattended. BTA has had cases among its insurance claims, when the constantly burning electric candles in windows get overheated and burst into flames. Often such mishaps occur quite accidentally. For instance, a client had filed a claim regarding an accidental fire because of tumbling over a candlestick on the table.


A number of cases have been registered, where the person damaged has been cautious himself, but the carelessness of neighbours has been the reason for flames to break out, devastating the adjacent apartments. On the New Year’s Eve, on the other hand, it is pyrotechnical threat that is on the rise. For instance, a fire-cracker, launched by neighbours, landed in the balcony of an apartment and fire broke out, while in another case, a stray fireworks rocket knocked out a window.  


In order to avoid nasty moments, not just during the festive time, but daily, BTA suggests being responsible regarding the fire safety at home, as well as at work – do not leave candles unattended in rooms, keep an eye on children while they are playing around the Christmas tree or with sparklers, do not leave matches or lighters within the reach of children. Also, mind the oven while preparing your Christmas treats. When there is a fireplace or oven at your home, BTA suggests paying attention to using appropriate burning material. Not a bad idea is reminding your neighbours about the fire safety and being cautious.


About BTA

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