BTA Becomes Culture Patron of the Year in Lithuania


Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania has awarded Lithuanian Branch of BTA Baltic Insurance Company (hereinafter – BTA Baltic) with an Award of Culture Patron, which is one of the highest appreciations in the field. The honourable award is granted for the provided support and cooperation in the field of culture, including insurance of exhibit items at world-famous exhibitions with the total value reaching almost 200 million euros.

The prestigious award was given to BTA for long-term cooperation and support to the Palace of Grand Dukes of Lithuanian National Museum and to Lithuanian Art Museum. According to the Head of the Lithuanian Branch of BTA Tadeuš Podrovski, it is already seven years, since BTA keeps close cooperation with the Lithuanian National Museum, insuring and supporting various culture and art events. BTA has insured not only Lithuanian exhibitions, but also exhibitions of the greatest Polish museum and most important European museums, like Hermitage and Louvre, where the total value of exhibits exceeds 190m euros.


“The value of pieces of art is a very delicate thing – they are very sensitive to environment and any, even the slightest accidents during transportation or exhibition may do great damage to them. Furthermore, despite that for protection of art pieces the latest and most complicated guard systems are being installed in museums, yet often valuable pieces attract thieves, who covet to sell them on the black market. That is why upon arranging any exhibitions of valuable pieces of art, in addition to strict requirements set for transportation, exhibition, guarding and other aspects, such events are being insured,” – Mr. Podvorski explains.


According to BTA Chairman of Board Jānis Lucaus, the fact of being recognised by Lithuanian authorities for the support projects, fulfilled by our Lithuanian colleagues, is a very important appreciation of the corporate values of our company: “Upon implementation of a list of cooperation projects in the field of arts and culture in Lithuania, for example, upon insuring important exhibitions, as well as insuring the national symbol of Latvia – the Freedom Monument – and upon supporting the great concert “Latvijas spēka dziesmas” (Latvian Power Songs), BTA is expressing its care about the preservation and security of cultural and historical heritage of both Latvians and other nations. We are definitely retaining this value in further operation of our company.”


Every year in Latvia, BTA provides substantial support to the field of culture, insuring Latvian cultural and historical heritage, civil liability of organisers of various cultural events, supporting a list of culture events. For eleven years already BTA is taking care of the security of the symbol of Latvian cultural heritage and independence – the Freedom Monument – by insuring it for 1.5m euros. BTA has provided support to the exhibition Baltic Art in Riga by granting it insurance of transportation in the amount of 850 thousand euros, also BTA has granted an insurance policy in the amount of 10m euros to the city of Riga for insurance of civil liability of the organisers of the International Yacht Regatta The Tall Ship Races 2013, when Riga was hosting this event. And BTA has insured the civil liability of organisers of the exhibition dedicated to Latvian People’s Front for more than 10.5 thousand euros, and the photos exhibited during the event – for 6.9 thousand euros, and also BTA has supported the great concert “Latvijas spēka dziesmas”, where many pieces, very valuable for our people, were played, and there are many other events in the field of culture, entertainment etc. supported by BTA.


About BTA

AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company was founded in 2014, after reorganisation of BTA Insurance Company SE, performing successful division of the company according to the geographical distribution of its business operations: Baltics and rest of Europe. BTA Insurance Company SE, being a mother company of AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company, has been successfully operating on insurance market for more than 20 years, in 2009 becoming the third biggest insurer in Baltic States. The international growth of BTA is proven by the TOP 500 of Central European Companies issued by the international auditor company Deloitte for year 2013, where BTA ranks among 50 largest insurance companies in Central Europe.

In December 2015 AAS BTA Baltic Insurance Company concluded a contract about attraction of an investor – one of the leading insurers in Europe – Vienna Insurance Group AG (VIG). The deal shall be completed after receiving all the necessary permits from the authorities, supervising the operation of the industry, which might take place in the first six months of 2016.


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