BTA: 40% of injuries the minors sustain at school during the academic year and most frequently during sports classes


In accordance with the data of BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter - BTA), the number of accidents, where minors have sustained injuries, has increased by approximately 10 % within the recent year. Although the number of sustained injuries has a trend to grow right during summer months, children and teenagers have to be more careful also during the school year, because according to the statistics collected by BTA, last year 40% of all accidents, where children and youth up to the age of 18 years sustained injuries, have happened right at school.


During the previous academic year, between September 2015 and May 2016, BTA received more than fifteen indemnity claims on injuries sustained by children and teenagers at school each year. Statistics collected by BTA show that in 90% of these events children and youth have sustained injuries during the sports classes.


“Proportion of injuries sustained during the sports classes is significant. The sustained injuries may differ - starting from broken fingers and cerebral commotion up to even very serious injuries threatening life, such as skull fractures. BTA data show that injuries outside of sports classes, such as when running along halls of the school, classes or on stairs, are sustained comparatively less frequently,” indicates Iveta Rijniece, Director BTA Insurance Claims Handling Department. Sports is an activity of increased risk, besides the risk is even higher during the sports classes at school, because very many children and youth are actively engaged together. It is difficult for the teacher to look after all of them at the same time, therefore we invite both, sports teachers as well as parents to regularly discuss the aspects of safety during the sports classes with children and youth. Quite often in case of injuries students are forced to stay at home for long period of time, thus falling behind the studies.  In the last year BTA has received several accident insurance indemnity claims regarding injuries, due to which the student has not been able to attend the school for longer than three weeks, and BTA has compensated for costs of a private teacher. On average the costs of one private teacher within the framework of one insured event constitutes approximately the amount of 90 euros. In total BTA has disbursed more than 20 thousand euros as indemnities for injuries that the minors have sustained at school during the previous academic year.”


When looking back to this summer, also this year has proved that children and teenagers sustain injuries most frequently in summer. In each third accident, claimed to BTA this summer, a child had sustained injuries. Accidents were different - sometimes it was negligence, sometimes also regularity, when adults fail to look after their children enough. During the summer children and teenagers have sustained injuries most often, when playing in the yard or playground, swinging or having a rest in the open air, near fire or water. Statistics collected by BTA show that approximately the fourth part of all accidents claimed to BTA during the summer months, where children and teenagers have sustained injuries, have happened during the sports and leisure camps.


When analysing data, BTA has observed that the total level of injuries of children and youth has a trend to grow. If the total number of accident insurance indemnity claims received by BTA regarding various injuries sustained within the recent year has decreased by 10%, then the number of accidents, where minors are involved, has increased by 10%. BTA has disbursed in total almost 35 thousand euros during seven months of the current year for various injuries sustained by minors.


BTA is one of the largest insurance indemnity disbursers in Baltic. Last year BTA group companies disbursed in average 398 thousand euros per each business day or approximately 50 thousand euros per each business hour.



About BTA


BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS (hereinafter - BTA) was established in 2014 as a result of reorganization of BTA Insurance Company SE, by splitting the company according to the geographic boundaries of business:  the Baltic States and the rest of Europe On 24 August 2016 one of the leading insurers in Europe Vienna Insurance Group AG became as the biggest shareholder of the company. BTA has obtained a licence for provision of all type of non-life insured services across three Baltic States.


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