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5 most common threats we pose to those around us and how to avoid them


As the activity of people in making civil liability claims increases, one has to become more careful in public places and even when at home take care not to harm the neighbours. The compensation claims submitted to BTA Baltic Insurance Company (BTA) indicate that now the time has come, when people go to court on occasions also, where not so long ago an apology and a promise to fix the damages would have sufficed.


Third party liability insurance that is available to private individuals as well as legal entities will help to reduce the expenses in case a third party liability claim is made. It is better, though, not to get as far as to hurt other people or damage property. BTA Baltic Insurance Risks Underwriting Department Director Ivo Danče tells us – mitigation of which risks should be our primary focus.


Careful in active recreation


This winter has not been generous to active recreation fans by thick cover of snow, therefore outdoor winter fans abound skiing trails each weekend that is whiter. Unfortunately, the high density of skiers increases the risk of colliding and getting hurt. As it is hard to find enough space for a safe run, one should focus more on the circumstances ahead.


When arriving at the mountain, cast a glance to check – who might be the dangerous riders – skiers going down at high speeds with little regard for those around them. Try fitting the rhythm of your runs to be on the move while they are climbing by the ski lift or queuing for it. When going down, mind the distance and keep behind skiers having approximately the same level of skill. Avoid going right behind those, who are just learning. They may be unpredictable, which may lead to collision.


Similar principle should be followed also in public skating-rinks.


Keep your home in order


In a well-maintained, heat-insulated multi-apartment building, where the water supply pipeline and heating system are regularly checked, the chance of experiencing pipes getting frozen and ruptured is considerably lower. A certified chimney sweep should be invited to houses having wood or wood pellet heating before the heating season to have chimney cleaned.


In case the building has spacious open terraces or balconies, which easily get full of snow, the owner should take care to regularly clear them of snow, as water passage to drain pipes during thawing is blocked and moisture soaks into walls, damaging the finish of the ceiling and walls of the neighbours the floor below.


Be aware of what is going on at home


The modern world offers a lot of ways today to check at any moment whether everything is ok at home. Starting with cheap video cameras, which can be connected via a mobile phone app, to smart-home sensors, which warn you about water leaks from your washing machine or an iron left on. There are even smart power sockets that can be switched off via the internet – even from abroad. Making use of these solutions, the risk of damaging your neighbours’ property will considerably decrease.


Careful on road


A considerable quantity of third party liability claims are brought against careless road users, which have injured other people, not only when driving a car, but riding bicycle as well. Particularly cautious should be the riders of giro scooters that are gaining popularity fast, as many pedestrians do not yet know what to expect from them and do not know how to act – freeze on the spot, jump aside or run. Collision with such a gadget can be quite painful.


Entertainment should not be threat to ones around


Each of us has preferences for some sort of entertainment, and some of them are quite risky. Have we often considered, what is going to happen in case anything goes wrong? Say, a drone falls down in a crowd of people, the neighbour’s sheep herd suddenly appears in front of a snowmobile or quadricyle, or on the beach, a paper kite from high altitude falls down amidst vacationers? Sure, you can get insured against all these cases, although a wiser thing to do is to reduce the risks yourself, indulging to your hobby, where you do not cause inconvenience to anyone.


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