Obtaining Travel Insurance by SMS

When packing in a hurry for a holiday trip or going on an unscheduled travel, we often tend to forget even the very basic things, and realize it only at the very last moment. In cooperation with the mobile operator LMT we offer the LMT clients an option to purchase travel insurance by sending a short text message (SMS). Only one message and you can travel without worries!

Why to choose obtaining BTA Travel Insurance by SMS?

  • Convenient acquisition: sent only one message when, leaving Latvia, you receive an informative message about BTA Travel Insurance purchase options.
  • By sending a separate message for each person, you can buy a travel insurance policy for yourself and your fellow travellers.
  • Wide range of insurance risk coverage at a good price – only 2.06 EUR per day.
  • Convenient policy payment: payment for the Travel Insurance will be included in your next LMT bill or deducted from your LMT OKarte account.

What are the risks covered by the insurance?

When purchasing Travel Insurance policy by SMS, there are specific limits of sum insured for each of the risks included in the policy. The following table shows  risks and sums insured for each risk in euros

Programme for Customers  
Total sum insured:
75 000 10 000
Medical expenses
Covers expenses related to medical assistance abroad, in case of an accident or sudden illness during the trip, including emergency medical assistance, expenses for purchase of medications prescribed by doctors, urgent operations and medical procedures, as well as costs for transportation to the hospital (in case of emergency, for the use of services of medical helicopter). If, due to a sudden illness or accident, the Customer is hospitalized and cannot return to the country of domicile at the scheduled time, expenses for new tickets or ticket exchange are covered. 
75 000 10 000
Urgent dentistry
According to the sum indicated in the Insurance Agreement, covers expenses for the purchase of painkillers, temporary measures of dental treatment (x-ray, medications, temporary tooth fillings or tooth extraction).
150 150
Covers expenses for transportation of the remains of the deceased to the country of domicile.
10 000 5 000
Medical evacuation
Covers expenses for transportation prescribed by a doctor from the hospital abroad to a hospital in the country of domicile.
50 000 10 000
Expenses of a person accompanying the injured person
In case of necessity, covers also expenses for medical personnel expenses if returning to the country of domicile, i.e. medical evacuation, cannot take place without a doctor or nurse escort. 
3 000 3 000
Accident resulting in mutilation
If the accident results in death or mutilations, indemnity  will be paid according to the sum indicated in the Insurance Agreement. 
10 000 1 000
Loss or theft of passport or ID-card
According to the sum indicated in the Insurance Agreement,  covers transportation, accommodation costs (hotel, food) incurred due to renewal of passport or ID-card abroad, as well as telephone conversations related to the renewal of the passport or ID-card.
300 300
Loss, theft or damage of baggage registered with the carrier due to the fault of the carrier 
If due to the fault of the carrier, the baggage is lost or stolen, indemnity is paid according to the actual value of the baggage; if the baggage is damaged, indemnity covers the costs for the repair or, if the repair is not possible, indemnity is paid according to the actual value of the baggage.
700 700
Loss, theft or damage of sports equipment registered with the carrier due to the fault of the carrier 
If due to the fault of the carrier, sports equipment is lost or stolen, indemnity is paid according to the actual value of the sporting equipment; if the sports equipment is damaged, indemnity covers the costs for the repair or, if the repair is not possible, indemnity is paid according to the actual value of the sports inventory. 
500 500
Delay of baggage registered with the carrier due to the fault of the carrier 
Covers purchase of basic necessities and hygiene products, as well as clothing appropriate for local climate; in case of delay of sports equipment, indemnity covers the rent of the sports equipment.
170 170
Theft of Customer's personal belongings
At a certain amount covers expenses for purchase of basic necessities and objects that replace the units of the stolen baggage.
200 200
Civil liability
At a certain amount covers losses caused by the Customer to a third party's health, life or property, as well as the costs of court proceedings.
10 000 10 000
Legal assistance
Covers expenses for legal assistance if the Customer inadvertently has not complied with national traditions and accepted norms of behaviour, or has unintentionally violated laws regulations, thus causing losses to a third party. 
1 000 1 000
Delay of flight
Covers expenses for meals, hotel services, transportation services in case of flight delay for more than four hours due to weather conditions or technical state of the airplane.
100 100
Interruption of travel
If the Customer has to interrupt the travel due to the death of a family member or hospitalization of a family member due to heart attack or stroke, the insurance covers expenses for the purchase of the flight or train ticket. 
500 300

What is the area covered by the policy?

Purchasing the Travel Insurance by SMS, insurance conditions are valid worldwide, except for Latvia and/ or your country of domicile.

Insurance protection will not apply in the following high-risk countries or zones:

  • Islamic Republic of Afghanistan,
  • Republic of the Union of Myanmar (Burma).
  • Democratic Republic of Congo,
  • Democratic Republic of Timor-Leste,
  • State of Eritrea,
  • Islamic Republic of Iran,
  • Republic of Iraq,
  • Republic of Liberia,
  • Democratic People's Republic of Korea (North Korea)
  • Republic of Rwanda,
  • The Republic of Sierra Leone,
  • Somali Republic,
  • Republic of the Sudan,
  • Syrian Arab Republic,
  • Republic of Zimbabwe,
  • areas of the world where the difficulties of availability reach the level of the North Pole or the South Pole, where you can get by using special aids or specialized transportation equipment.


For how long can you purchase a policy?

You can purchase a Travel Insurance policy by sending a text message, for a period ranging from one day to 13 days. If you need travel insurance for a longer period, you can extend it by sending a repeated request message on the last day when the policy is valid and by indicating the number of remaining days of travel.

We remind you about the extension of the Travel Insurance policy

If you have bought a Travel Insurance policy by SMS and continue to stay abroad for a longer period of time, when the policy is close to expire, you will receive a reminder message about the need to extend the policy. To make the insurance coverage valid without interruption, the consent to extend the insurance by sending a repeated message containing personal data should be provided no later than 24 hours after receipt of the reminder.

How to purchase a Travel insurance policy by SMS?

By sending an SMS, a Travel Insurance policy may be purchased only by LMT clients.

Leaving Latvia, LMT clients receive an SMS reminder of the option to obtain BTA Travel Insurance by SMS. 
In order to purchase a Travel Insurance policy, LMT client, upon receipt of the SMS reminder, should send an SMS requesting BTA Travel Insurance policy to 1663 specifying the insured person’s name, surname, personal number and number of days (the SMS delivery day inclusive) that require a valid insurance. 

Janis Ozolins 261176-12748 5 or Jānis Ozoliņš 261176-12748 5 

You can obtain the Travel Insurance by SMS for yourself and your fellow travellers by sending a separate SMS for each person to be insured. 

EHIC for additional security during the travel

EHIC, i.e. European Health Insurance Card, is a document common for all European Union and European Economic Area countries (Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein) and the Swiss Confederation, which entitles citizens of these countries to receive state-funded emergency and necessary health care to the extent ensured for inhabitants of each relevant country. The EHIC can be used in foreign clinics that are members of the National Sickness Fund and that have accepted the usage of the EHIC. Therefore, before seeking medical care abroad, we recommend you to inquire in advance whether the relevant clinic accepts the EHIC.

All residents of the Republic of Latvia may receive the EHIC card for free, therefore, when traveling abroad, be sure to obtain the EHIC card. For more information about the possibilities of receiving the EHIC card, visit the website of the National Health Service.

Why do you need BTA Travel insurance if you have the EHIC card?

  • The EHIC card does not cover the costs and fees for client’s transportation, repatriation, emergency/ rescue services, which can amount to very significant expenses.
  • Even in the case when the client enters a foreign clinic that accepts the EHIC, the customer will be charged to pay the fees mandatory in the relevant country. Although in Latvia patient fees are relatively low, in Europe they can be even more than 10 times higher.
  • When using the EHIC, the foreign clinic receives the payment from the Latvian State budget within two years, therefore in most cases private clinics, including dentists and ski resort clinics, refuse to accept the EHIC.
  • The EHIC card does not provide protection against other risks which may occur during traveling or foreign trips.

An example showing the necessity for the EHIC and Travel Insurance:

State of health of a resident of Latvia suddenly deteriorated while visiting a country in the European Union. As a result, the woman was placed in a clinic. When her health condition slightly improved and it was possible to evacuate her to her country of origin, the bill for medical services amounted to EUR 24 000.

Given that the Latvian resident had the EHIC, she did not have to pay the entire amount from her own personal funds. The EHIC covered 75% (EUR 18 000) of the medical expenses, the remaining 25% (6 000 EUR) would have to be covered by the woman herself, if she had not had the BTA travel insurance policy. Medical evacuation costs that were not covered by the EHIC amounted to EUR 4 300.

If the woman, additionally to the security provided by the EHIC, had not purchased the BTA Travel insurance, she would have to pay EUR 10 300 for the medical services received in a foreign clinic and medical evacuation to Latvia from her own personal funds. In this case, this amount was covered by BTA.

What should you know when going abroad?

Before going abroad, we suggest you to:

  1. Get to know if the particular country does not require an entry visa;
  2. Make sure that your passport is valid for the entire journey. Some countries have established that the passport must be valid for at least another three or even six months after the closing date of the planned trip, so we suggest you to contact with the embassy of the relevant country in order to clarify the requirements relating to the travel documents;
  3. Get acquainted with the information available on the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia, including alerts on countries facing risks of war or other types of hazards;
  4. Register in the Consular Register before going abroad, so that, in case of crises such as natural disasters, political unrest, war, representatives of the Consular Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Latvia could contact you and, if necessary, provide possible assistance;
  5. When planning a trip to exotic countries or countries where there is a risk of infection with yellow fever, cholera, hepatitis A and B or other dangerous diseases, be sure to consult with physicians in a timely manner to know if it is not necessary to be vaccinated. Information on vaccination is available on the website of the Infectology Centre of Latvia;
  6. Find out what can and cannot be carried in your baggage when traveling within the European Union and outside the European Union. Information can be found on the website of the State Revenue Service;
  7. If you plan to travel by plane, find out in advance what are your rights to request indemnity and assistance from the airline if the flight is cancelled or delayed, if the boarding it is denied or if the baggage is damaged or lost. You will find information on the website of the Service for the Protection of Consumer Rights.

Things you should do in case of an accident

In case of an accident abroad, take the following measures.

  1. Call the BTA’s 24/7 LMT Customer Support Service or Travel Support Service:
    • (+371) 26 11 22 22
    • (+371) 27 81 89 99
    • (+371) 22 00 22 64
      or the BTA’s Customer Support Service (+371) 26 12 12 12.
      We will provide operative assistance and consultation on what to do in the specific situation.
  2. In case of a sudden disease or accident in one of the following countries, you can call our partners in the specific country:
    • Turkey*: (+90 242) 310 44 44
    • Egypt*: (+20 122) 104 27 43
    • Greece: (+30) 28970 41 777
    • Bulgaria: (+359) 529 198 27
    • Thailand, Bali and other Asian countries: (+7) 495 989 11 20
    • Ukraine, Moldova: (+38 050) 842 03 03
    • Belarus: (+375) 29 103 64 24
    • Russian Federation: (+7) 495 989 11 20
    • Spain (+34) 931 70 22 86
      * If you are in Turkey or Egypt, in order to avoid possible problems, ask for medical assistance only in our contract organisations.
  3. By calling the indicated telephone numbers, our employees or partners will help to arrange the formalities associated with medical institutions, will provide a written guarantee of payment of medical services, so you do not have to spend your own personal financial resources; they will also help to solve a variety of other issues.
  4. If you have had to pay for medical services or any other case of insurance included in the Travel Insurance Policy from your own personal funds, be sure to keep documents certifying such payments (checks, receipts of strict accountability). Besides, be sure to keeps other documents justifying the indemnity: medical certificates, certificate issued by airline about baggage delay, damage or loss, documents issued by law enforcement bodies, etc. A detailed list of documents to be submitted can be found in Travel Insurance Terms and Conditions or your policy.
  5. Upon your return to Latvia, please contact the BTA’s Customer Support Service as soon as possible by calling 26 12 12 12, in order to register the case of insurance.

Use the BTA Mobile Application
Using the BTA mobile application in your smartphone, our contacts will always be available for you. When an accident takes place, you can use our application to get in touch with us, so that we can inform you about further measures to be taken, and, if necessary, you can easily send us photos from the scene of the accident.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

  PDF E-doc*
Obtaining travel insurance by SMS conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 15-2013-1 (in latvian)
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 01.11.2013.)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 13.12.2011)
Terms and Conditions No 2
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 07.06.2011)


* You can open digitally signed documents *.edoc, using the template on website eparaksts.lv. Before checking the necessary document, save it on your computer (we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers).