Legal Expenses Insurance

Latvian people have become more active in exercising their rights to justice. Every year the number of actions brought to a court increases and nowadays the probability of getting involved in legal proceedings becomes higher. Everyone can get into an expected situation and he or she can get involved in legal proceedings due to his or her actions or the actions of any other person; therefore, protect yourself from unexpected expenses – get legal expenses insurance!

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Why to choose BTA legal expenses insurance?

Our advantages:

  • BTA is the only insurance company that offers this type of insurance.
  • This insurance protection will allow you to get competent legal support, so that you will not feel like the outcome of the litigation procedure is left to fate.


What activities do we offer the specific risk insurance for?

If anyone causes losses to you, BTA will compensate legal expenses for receiving legal services or expenses related to litigation you have incurred during the loss recovery procedure.

In the same way, this insurance will be effective if any claim is brought against you regarding reimbursement for accidental losses and you will need protection against these claims – your legal expenses will be also covered by BTA.

What types of risks can be insured against?

In relation to loss reimbursement claims, if losses are not related to failure to fulfil contractual obligations or violation of property rights as regards land, buildings and apartments. 
For instance, an apartment of the insured person is flooded and the person brings an action against the guilty neighbour.
If legal rights of an employee are violated. 
For instance, an employer fails to pay the salary to the insured person to full extent or dismisses him or her without paying the compensation due in accordance with the regulatory enactments.
In the event of tax right protection in state administration institutions and courts. 
For instance, the State Revenue Service refuses to refund justified expenses to the insured person regarding medical treatment and studies.
In the event legal rights of a road user are violated. 
For instance, an official of the Traffic Police draws up an administrative offence protocol to the insured person.
In the event public order regulations are violated. 
For instance, a penalty is imposed on the insured for listening to  music after 23:00.
If court in a criminal procedure decides that the insured has committed a crime due to negligence. 
For instance, when driving a car, the insured person hits a pedestrian due to bad weather conditions or poor visibility.
In the evena criminal procedure as a a private charge is initiated
For instance, the insured person suffers minor bodily injuries, he or she is defamed, or the person's dignity is harmed.

What is the policy validity territory?

The insurance policy validity territory is the Republic of Latvia. 

Ways to acquire the policy

The legal expenses insurance policy can be acquired in the following ways:

  • by filling in the application form on the BTA website – a BTA expert will contact you, acquire detailed required information, prepare the insurance offer, and send it to your e-mail address;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service 26 12 12 12. During the phone call, you can also pay for the Insurance policy;
  • by visiting the BTA Customer Service Centre; 
  • by contacting a BTA agent, insurance broker.

What to do when the accident happens?

In the event of an accident, do the following:

  1. immediately notify the BTA Customer Support Service by phone 26 12 12 12 of each event that has caused or could cause a claim against you or your claim against another person in the future.
  2. submit to BTA all information and documents related to the accident at your disposal.
  3. contact BTA Customer Support Service by phone 26 12 12 12 to receive instructions for further actions and to submit the insurance claim.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

  PDF E-doc*
Legal Expenses Insurance Terms and Conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 1.1 (in latvian)
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 01.01.2014)
Terms and Conditions No 1 (in latvian)
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 31.12.2013.)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 13.12.2011)
Terms and Conditions No 2
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 07.06.2011)


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