General Civil Liability Insurance of Individuals

No matter how careful we are, anyone may accidently damage property belonging to another person, or cause damage to the health or life of another person. It is the obligation of each person to indemnify such losses; you, however, may trust us with covering such losses, provided you have insured your civil liability.

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Why to choose BTA general civil liability insurance of individuals?

Our advantages:

  • We ensure an individual approach to each customer and offer the most appropriate civil liability insurance to his or her needs and requirements;
  • We offer specifically adjusted insurance protection for specific life situations, such as conducting construction work or repairs, participating in hunting, fishing, carrying out functions of a residential house manager, organising events, and other situations;
  • We offer builders and persons engaged in construction work to conclude insurance contracts for an insurance period of up to three years for submission to the Construction Board in order to receive a construction permit.

Which are the activities we offer specific risk insurance for?

In order to protect yourself from any losses which might arise as a result of accidental damage to property belonging to another person, or damage caused to health or life of another person, any individual may insure his or her general civil liability.

Risk to cause losses to another person may be related to some specific activities which require specific insurance protection, therefore it is important to identify these risks and include them in insurance protection. It is possible to insure them individually or combine all of them in one insurance contract.

We offer the following groups of people to insure civil liability risks related to specific activities:

  • Persons engaged in construction work;
    If you are planning to conduct construction work which requires a construction permit under laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, the relevant laws and regulations stipulate that it is, first of all, necessary to ensure general civil liability insurance of builders;
  • Event organisers;
    If you are planning to organise a public event which requires coordination with local municipality under laws and regulations of the Republic of Latvia, the relevant laws and regulations stipulate that it is, first of all, necessary to ensure general civil liability insurance of event organisers;
  • Trainees;
  • Homeowners and tenants;
  • Residential house managers;
  • Recreational craft owners;
  • Aircraft owners;
  • Pet owners and assistants;
  • Hunters;
  • Fishermen.

What are the risks to be insured against?

Basic risks of general civil liability of individuals:  
Basic risks of general civil liability of individuals:
Death, incapacity for work, temporary incapacity for work, physical injury or illness, for instance, accidentally injuring a pedestrian or another cyclist when cycling.
Damage caused to property of another person
Damage to or loss of property owned or legally used by another person, for instance, accidentally leaving an iron on and burning down not only your but also neighbour's flat.
Rescue expenses
Expenses related to urgent measures to prevent or reduce the damages, for instance, flooding your neighbour's flat when extinguishing a fire caused.
Litigation expenses
Coordinated court and matter settlement expenses incurred in relation to consideration and adjustment of the claim submitted by another person against the customer, for instance, if we insist that you have not become liable, while another person persistently continues to request loss compensation and refer to the court, then we will indemnify such court and matter settlement expenses, provided they are agreed upon with us in advance.


Special risks for specific activities:  
Liability of employed persons during organisation of events
We will also indemnify for such losses caused by the persons who are your employees or subcontractors, for instance, if you have hired some students to watch over dangerous territory of the venue but this specific student slightly fails to fulfill his or her duties, as a result of which another person accidentally becomes injured in the dangerous territory.
Losses caused to the training employer during traineeship
We will indemnify for the losses caused to the training employer, including for damage to the property, which is at the disposal or under control of the trainee, for instance, if during traineeship, a trainee accidentally knocks a training employer's laptop off the table and damages it, we will indemnify such losses of up to EUR 1,500 for repair or purchase of a new laptop.
Liability for sudden and unexpected environmental pollution
We will indemnify for the losses related to the implementation of required and possible measures to control the situation, separation and collection of the released pollutants and elimination of other harmful factors to minimise and prevent further damage to the environment and harmful impact on people’s health or worsening of functions related to the natural resource of pollutants, for instance, if a fire breaks out in your household building as a result of which firefighters arrive and conduct rescue operations, but it turns out that you have kept chemical substances (fuel, fertilisers etc.) in this building which will get into the drainage system as a result of the accident, then in the river and cause environmental pollution that must be prevented and costs considerable resources.


Examples of risks included in insurance protection and related to specific activities:  
1. When replacing windows of the building, a window accidentally falls on a car owned by another person.
2. When painting a wall, wind blows and takes the paint to the neighbour's car, accidentally painting it as well.
3. When repairing a sink, a soil pipe is accidentally damaged, as a result of which neighbours are flooded as well.
4. When changing sockets in your flat, you cause a short circuit, as a result of which sockets in neighbour's flat become damaged as well.
Event organisers
1. During the event, the installed advertising stall of event supporters comes down, as a result of which visitors become injured.
2. During the event, rain comes down creating a puddle, through which the electricity cable goes which is not properly waterproofed, as a result of which a person becomes flash-burnt.
House owners and tenants
1. A pipe of your washing machine breaks down, as a result of which your neighbours are flooded.                                    
2. Burning a candle on a windowsill causes fire, as a result of which damages are also caused to your neighbour's flat. 
3. Causing overvoltage in electrical power network also blows fuses in the neighbour's flat, as a result of which neighbour's products left in the freezer become damaged during the weekend, and water pouring out of the fridge floods other neighbours.
Residential house managers
Repairs conducted in the building under inappropriate control causes leakage of liquid, as a result of which losses are caused to other persons.
Pet owners and assistants
1. Your dog bites the dog owned by another person.                                                                                                                
2. Your dog on a lead knocks over another person, which becomes injured.
1. When hunting, you accidentally shoot a hunting dog of another person.
2. When hunting, your hunting dog bites another person.
1. Going by boat, you accidentally cause injury with an oar to a swimmer.
2. Throwing a fishing rod with a lead weight, you accidentally hit a person going by boat, as a result of which the person becomes injured.
3. Fishing from a pier and accidentally falling into the water, your rescuer incurs losses during rescue operations, such as a damaged smartphone, which was in the pocket during rescue.

What is the validity territory of the policy?

Insuring civil liability, the validity territory of the policy will be specified in your insurance policy.

The insurance validity territory may be specified according to your needs – it may be both a specific territory indicated in your insurance policy, such as your home address, and territory of the Republic of Latvia; moreover, if you often travel abroad, we offer an expanded validity territory of the policy – Europe or world-wide.  

Purchase of policy

A general civil liability insurance policy of individuals may be purchased in one of the following manners:

  • By completing the application form on the BTA home page, then a BTA specialist will contact you, prepare an insurance offer on the basis of your detailed information, and send it to the e-mail address you have indicated;
  • By calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12. It is also possible to pay for the insurance policy during the call;
  • By visiting any BTA Customer service centre in person;
  • By contacting BTA agents, insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, act as follows:

1. To conduct rescue operations in order to prevent or minimise the negative consequences;            

2. To conduct rescue operations, as well as to record circumstances and cause of the accident, immediately contact the appropriate emergency service or institution:  

  • In case of an injured person, contact the State Emergency Medical Service by calling 113 or 03;
  • In case of a fire, contact the State Fire and Rescue Service by calling 112 or 01;
  • In case of gas leakage, contact the Gas Emergency Service by calling 114 or 04;
  • In case of a possibility that the accident might be caused by the act of another person, immediately contact the police by calling 110 or 02;
  • In case of liquid or steam leakage, inform the building manager, if any.

3. Immediately inform BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12 of the event that might be a potential cause for another person to make complaints about losses indemnification envisaged by your insurance policy. Contact BTA also in the event you do not consider yourself guilty of causing losses, or another person has not yet made a complaint.

4. After receipt of a written complaint and documents certifying caused losses from another person, if any, immediately contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12 in order to receive instructions for further actions and to claim insurance indemnity. 

Insurance Terms and Conditions

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General terms and conditions of civil liability insurance    
Terms and conditions No 1
(version valid for policies issued from 01.09.2020)
Terms and conditions No 21.01.
(version valid for policies issued from 31.01.2012)
Terms and conditions of general civil liability insurance of individuals    
Terms and Conditions No 1304.1 (in latvian)
(version valid for policies issued from 01.09.2020)
Terms and conditions No 21.01.-01
(version valid for policies issued from 28.08.2013)
Terms and conditions No 19.2
(version valid for policies issued from 14.12.2010)

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