Civil Liability Insurance of Aircraft Owners

No matter how careful we are, anyone may accidently damage property belonging to another person, or cause damage to the health or life of another person. This risk definitely counts for something when operating aircraft. It is the obligation of each person to indemnify losses caused to another person; you, however, may trust us with covering such losses, provided you have insured your civil liability.

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What is civil liability insurance of aircraft owners?

Civil liability insurance of aircraft owners, similar to MTPL insurance of your motor vehicle, will protect you from unexpected expenses in the event of causing damage to other person as a result of an accident.

Civil liability of aircraft owners is insured in compliance with the internationally recognised aviation risks insurance terms and conditions, and in line with the international requirements laid down in the existing laws and regulations. 

Why to choose BTA civil liability insurance of aircraft owners?

Our advantages:

  • we ensure an individual approach to each customer and develop the most appropriate insurance offer in line with the customer’s needs and requirements;
  • the experience of our specialists in aircraft insurance, accumulated during many years, will ensure you receive professional advice in the field of aircraft insurance;
  • we are the only Latvian insurance company offering aviation risk insurance.

What are the risks to be insured against?


  • Damage caused to life or health of other persons (except passengers)
  • Damages to or loss of property which belongs to other persons (except passengers)
  • Damage caused to life or health of passengers
  • Losses caused to baggage and personal property of passengers
  • Losses caused to carried cargo

What is the validity territory of the policy?

The validity territory of the civil liability insurance policy of aircraft owners may be determined in line with the customer’s needs and requirements:

  • Republic of Latvia;
  • Europe;
  • World-wide.

Purchase of policy

A civil liability insurance policy of aircraft owners may be purchased in one of the following manners:

  • By completing the application form on the BTA home page, then a BTA specialist will contact you, prepare an insurance offer on the basis of your detailed information, and send it to the e-mail address you have indicated;
  • By calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12;
  • By visiting any BTA Customer service centre in person;
  • By contacting BTA agents, insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, act as follows:

1. To conduct rescue operations, as well as to record circumstances and cause of the accident, immediately contact the appropriate emergency service or institution:  

  • In case of an injured person, contact the State Emergency Medical Service by calling 113 or 03;
  • In case of a fire, contact the State Fire and Rescue Service by calling 112 or 01;
  • In case of gas leakage, contact the Gas Emergency Service by calling 114 or 04;
  • In case of a possibility that the accident might be caused by the act of another person, immediately contact the police by calling 110 or 02.

2. Contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12 as soon as possible in order to receive instructions for further actions, as well as to claim the insured event.