Save up to 70% of the
complete CASCO price

CASCO Mini is a customized and elaborated CASCO insurance to help avert heavy loss in case of theft or total loss of the vehicle. It is important to consider an option to buy CASCO Mini for the cars, which are not lease purchased or did not experience many damage and indemnification occasions.

With CASCO Mini you may not only insure a car older than 15 years old and include driver’s Private accident insurance, but also receive assistance on the road, determine the validity period, territorial scope of the policy, as well as determine one’s own deductible.

Save up to 70% of the complete CASCO price.

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Insurance Terms and Conditions

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KASKO terms and conditions    
Terms and conditions No 4F5-1
(the version is in force for policies issued from 14.01.2014.)
     + Annex Auto Assistance