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The number of bicycle riders in Latvia keeps increasing every year, and bike traffic becomes more intense. For many people, riding a bike is not only a hobby but also a means of transport used every day. Unfortunately, bike riders also often experience rather unpleasant moments, such as injuries, accidentally damaging a car parked at the kerb, injuring a pedestrian, or being left without a bike due to theft. You can protect yourself from financial losses resulting from such troubles, if you purchase a BTA bike insurance policy, which is the only complex insurance in Latvia developed specifically for bike riders.

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Why choose BTA bike insurance policy?


  • BTA is the only Latvian insurance company which offers a unique complex insurance service for bike riders that has not been offered in Latvia before;
  • Bike insurance policy ensures complex insurance protection against risks which affect bike riders most often;
  • We offer complex insurance protection specifically developed for bike riders with two types of coverage at a very reasonable price – only 29 or 39 euros!

For whom is the BTA bike insurance policy designed?

BTA bike insurance policy is an insurance service for individuals – people who enjoy riding a bike, which is not related to professional sports or professional occupation. Insurance protection is also valid when participating in non-professional bike riding competitions.

Please note that the insurance protection included in the BTA bike insurance policy is not valid when participating in cycling competitions or training sessions as a professional cyclist, in downhill, freestyle or trial bike riding, as well as with regard to BMX bikes and trishaws, and losses caused during their use or during provision of bike-courier services.

What are the risks to be insured against?

Table specifies risks included in the policy and sum insured for each risk in euros.  
Policy price:
29 € 39 €
Accident insurance risks:
 If death occurs during validity period of insurance contract or within one year after the accident when riding a bike, indemnity amounting to 100 % is paid to the person – beneficiary indicated in the insurance policy.
1000 2000
In the event of disability the following indemnity is paid: group I – 100 % of the sum insured envisaged for the risk, group II – 50 %, group III – 25 %.
1000 2000
A percentage will be paid (from 0.5 % to 100 % depending on the severity of injury) of the sum insured envisaged for the risk for different injuries suffered when driving a bike, such as bone fractures, dislocations, loss of teeth, and other injuries.
1000 2000
Medical expenses
Expenses for medical manipulations administered and prescribed by an attending physician and related to inpatient or outpatient treatment, expenses for x-ray diagnostics and operations, purchase of medications and dressing materials prescribed by a physician, rehabilitation, medical transport to the nearest medical establishment. Only expenses related to medical services received in medical establishments registered with the register of medical establishments, companies and places of practice of the Republic of Latvia.
250 250
Property insurance risks:
Total destruction or theft of the bike
We will pay the indemnity, if your bike is totally destroyed as a result of risks of fire, liquid or steam leakage, or natural disaster, as well as if the bike is stolen from your house or outside it, provided it has been locked with a safety lock. The risk of bike theft is valid, provided the bike has been registered with the Bike Register of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate.
1000 2000
If your bike is damaged as a result of sudden, unexpected external circumstances, such as collision with another bike, vehicle, barrier, pedestrian, animal or other object, one time during the insurance period we will indemnify expenses related to repair of the bike after receipt of the documents certifying payment. No indemnity will be provided  for damaged painting of the bike, abrasions or scratches of its metal parts, as well as additional equipment, such as lights, video equipment, children seats, bike radars, holders etc.
100 200
Bike rider's civil liability insurance risks:
1000 2000
Damage caused to the health or life of another person
Death, incapacity for work, temporary incapacity for work, physical injury or illness of another person, for instance, if you injure a pedestrian or another bike rider when riding a bike.
Damage caused to the property of another person
Damage to or loss of property owned or legally used by another person, for instance, if you accidentally catch a pedestrian when riding a bike, and this pedestrian drops his or her cell phone breaking it.
Rescue expenses
Expenses related to urgent measures to prevent or reduce the damages.
Litigation expenses 
Coordinated court and matter settlement expenses incurred in relation to consideration and adjustment of the claim submitted by another person against the customer, for instance, if we insist that you have not become liable, while another person persistently continues to request loss compensation and refer to the court, then we will indemnify such court and matter settlement expenses, provided they are agreed upon with us in advance.
Additional protection against losses caused by a child to other persons
If you insure your bike, we will also indemnify the losses caused by your minor child to other persons, if such arise during the insurance period.

What to note when purchasing BTA bike insurance policy?

  • Property insurance is valid for one bike specified in the insurance policy, while accident insurance and civil liability insurance – for one person specified in the insurance policy;
  • If a bike is used by several riders, for instance, another member of the family, then along with the bike insurance policy, the accident insurance and the civil liability insurance may be purchased for other persons for additional payment;
  • Insurance protection against theft of the bike is only valid, provided the bike is registered with the Bike Register of the Road Traffic Safety Directorate;
  • Insurance protection will become valid from the moment the bike is shown to a BTA representative;
  • When riding a bike, road traffic regulations must be observed.

What are the validity territory and period of the policy?

BTA bike insurance policy is valid in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, and insurance protection is in effect 24 hours a day.

Purchase of policy

BTA bike insurance policy may be purchased in one of the following manners:

  • By completing the application form on the BTA home page, then a BTA specialist will contact you, prepare an insurance offer on the basis of your detailed information, and send it to the e-mail address you have indicated;
  • By calling BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12. It is also possible to pay for the insurance policy during the call;
  • By visiting any BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • By contacting BTA agents, insurance brokers.

What to do in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, act as follows:

1. To conduct rescue operations, as well as to record circumstances and cause of the accident, immediately contact the appropriate emergency service or institution:

  • If you or another person becomes injured, immediately seek medical assistance contacting the State Emergency Medical Service by calling 113 or 03, if necessary;
  • If you have discovered theft of the bike, immediately contact the policy by calling 110 or 02;
  • If another person has suffered, or property owned by another person has been damaged as a result of your act, write down personal data;

2. After receiving medical assistance, keep the documents certifying the fact and consequences of the accident, for instance, medical certification which specifies a diagnosis or a detailed, medical description of injury, as well as documents certifying payment (such as cashier's draft, receipts which contain your name, surname, personal identity number and name of the received service) for received medical assistance;

3. Contact BTA Customer Support Service at (+371) 26 12 12 12 as soon as possible in order to inform about the accident and receive instructions for further actions, as well as to claim the insured event.

Download BTA mobile app!
Download BTA mobile app on your smartphone, and you will always have our contacts. In case of an accident, our app will help you contact both emergency services and us, so we can inform you about further actions. Use BTA mobile app on your smartphone to easily send us photos from the place of accident, if our specialist asks you to do it.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

Accident insurance terms and conditions PDF E-doc*
Terms and Conditions No 8.1 (in latvian)
(version valid for policies issued from 01.01.2014)
     + Annex which refers to the protection included in BTA bike insurance policy:    
      Annex No. 2 “The Amount of Insurance Indemnity Related to the Accident” to the Terms and Conditions No. 8.1  
Home insurance terms and conditions (with regard to property insurance)    
Terms and Conditions No. 3F-2
(version valid for policies issued from 07.06.2011)
General terms and conditions of civil liability insurance    
Terms and Conditions No. 21.01
(version valid for policies issued from 31.01.2012)
Terms and conditions of general civil liability insurance of individuals    
Terms and Conditions No. 21.01.-01
(version valid for policies issued from 28.08.2013)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3
(version applicable to policies issued after 13.12.2011)

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