The BTA Gift Card

The BTA Gift Card is a great way to surprise your loved ones, friends, colleagues and business partners, at the same time showing that you care for their safety as it will give them the opportunity to receive insurance services from the leading insurance company in Latvia with the most extensive range of insurance services in the country!

How can you buy a BTA Gift Card?

BTA Gift Cards can be purchased at any BTA Customer service centre in Latvia.

BTA Gift Card value and redemption

You may put any value between EUR 5 and EUR 150 on the BTA Gift Card. The Gift Card may be used to buy several insurance services at once, furthermore, the holder does not have to redeem the entire value of the Card all in one go!

Use the BTA Gift Card to purchase any of the BTA insurance services at any BTA Customer service centre in Latvia!

The BTA Gift Card may be used to pay for BTA services:

  • If the value of an insurance policy exceeds the value of the Card, you may cover the difference in cash
  • The values of several Cards may be added together
  • You may use it to make a downpayment on an insurance policy

The BTA Gift Card is valid for six months from the date of issue.

Terms and Conditions

Gift Card Terms of Use