Private property insurance offer

Purchase BTA property insurance policy at 40% discount

Misfortunately, we may not always be able to avoid an accident – fire accident, natural disasters, thieves or irresponsible neighbours. Sometimes, your home may be damaged or even destroyed completely in a blink of an eye. Home insurance will protect you from bigger worries and costs, and help you out to get your life back on track. Home insurance includes both private property insurance and insurance of the belongings therein as well.

Provident house owner will insure not only one’s home, but the pet as well. Take care of the life and health of your pets as well upon home insurance, same as taking care of yourself and your home! Buy home insurance – insure your third party liability on particularly advantageous terms! Your peace of mind matters to us!

Do not miss our special offer! Purchase our Home Insurance on good terms at discount up to 40% and get a smoke detector as a gift for yet greater peace of mind!

The offer is valid until 01.12.2019



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