Buy a policy and donate for the PARENTS HOUSE at Childrens Hospital

BTA, as a socially accountable company, during this time, full of challenges, encourages its customers to participate in a socially accountable campaign – Buy BTA policy and donate 1 EUR to the Parents' House of Children’s Hospital

There are many parents, who spend their nights and receive support in the Parents’ House of Children’s Hospital every day. Frequently, they stay there because they have no opportunity to go the long road home, while their child has to spend a long time at the hospital. Parents’ House is like a temporary home, where parents are able to receive support to preserve their energy and to stay calm during the convalescent period of their offspring.

BTA stands for our future – healthy and happy children. That is why meanwhile a decision was made to help Children’s Hospital developing the Parents’ House. Moreover, BTA made a donation and provided the hospital with several portable computers and printers, so that hospital staff is able to render services to parents as efficiently and quickly as possible.

To make parents feel like home and safe a heart – BTA provides support to the Parents’ House of Children’s Hospital. Purchase any BTA insurance policy and we will donate 1 EUR to the Parents’ House development fund of Children’s Hospital.

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