Next year, we’ll offer you even more reasons to choose BTA Property and Private Accident insurance special offer as of the 4th of January until the 31st of March!

Feel safe about your home and buy BTA Property insurance (all risks cover) at 20% discount!

However, it’s up to you to determine the price of your insurance policy and select purchasing additional risks at a really great price!

  1. You may buy Property insurance and add insurance of all other things inside your home at 1 EUR a year!
    For instance, if you select your sum insured of 2000 EUR, then your insurance premium for your Property insurance including moveable property therein will make 2 EUR a year.
  2. We also offer to insure your belongings at a particularly good price, if they are damaged outside your home – camera, mobile phone, etc.
    For instance, if your sum insured is 1000 EUR, then insurance of moveable property outside your property shall cost you 5 EUR a year.
  3. Feel safe about your electronic appliances – washing machine, TV, fridge, baking oven, etc. So that a misfortunate short circuit doesn’t cause you any unnecessary trouble while buying new appliances, complement your Property insurance policy with electronic risks cover at a price you select yourself.
    For instance, if you evaluate your electronic appliances at 1000 EUR, then your expenses for additional Property insurance will be only 1 EUR a year!
  4. Assistance Package will come in very handy in addition to your Property insurance, which is available to you at only 1 EUR a year (with a limit of 350 EUR).
    For instance, if your water pipeline is broken, or you’ve lost your keys, BTA will come to your rescue to avert all your troubles!
  5. Take care of your pet as well – you have an opportunity to add Pet insurance, which is going to reduce your stress about expenses in case your pet dies, and you’re able to choose how much you’re going to pay for it – 1 EUR or 2 EUR.
    For instance, if you select your sum insured for your pet at 100 EUR, then it will cost you only 1 EUR a year.

And there’s more! BTA offers to buy Property insurance together with Private Accident insurance at an even more favourable price!

  • Try it out and begin with a minimum – Private Accident insurance (programme A1) only at 1 EUR a month or 12 EUR a year!
  • Moreover, even higher-level programme (B, C, D) premiums are reduced for more than 10% during the special offer.
  • Furthermore, families with children enjoy an opportunity to get an extra discount of 30%!
  • In the framework of the special offer, we offer Private Accident insurance to everybody up to 74 years old at an equal price.

The offer is valid until 31.03.2021


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