Don’t miss a yet unseen chance – save up to 60%, when purchasing Home and Personal accident insurance in one package.

The special offer is valid from 10.06.2020 – 31.08.2020. Offer is effective for the objects insured for the 1st time

Home insurance – for your peace of mind!

Unfortunately we not always are able to avoid an accident – fire, natural disasters, thieves or reckless neighbours. At times, your dwelling can be damaged or even completely destroyed in a blink. Home insurance will spare you worries and expenses, and help you to return to the normal pace of life faster. Home insurance includes insurance of real estate and the belongings within it in emergencies.

A good master insures not only his home, but also his pet. With our home insurance, take care of the safety and health of your pets the same way as for yourself and your home! Purchasing our home insurance grants you very good conditions to pet insurance, so, insure your pet – your family member! Your pet is important to us!

Personal accident insurance – there to protect you from contingencies of life!

Life is full of unexpected events and surprises, which, unfortunately, are not always pleasant or wanted. In the turbulent rhythm of life, we often forget about our safety and avoid thinking about unpleasant things. However, ill luck never calls before knocking on the door, so, therefore, you’d better be ahead of it and be protected against consequences of a probable accident.

You do not want to miss this! Come to us and learn more about it!


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