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BTA is first insurance company in Latvia to offer online video consultations to its customers. Video call – a safe way, devoid of physical contact, of solving any insurance matters of your concern.

During online call, you will have an opportunity to discuss matters related to purchasing an insurance policy.

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All about video calling

Why a video consultation?
Online video consultation saves time, as there is no need going to a customer business centre to discuss the concerning issues “eye to eye”.
Participating in such a consultation is convenient and simple – just a click on the link in the invitation e-mailed to you by BTA, and the consultation may begin.
You may discuss all questions of your interest during the consultation, also receiving materials by e-mail. You may also conclude a policy and make payment for it.
You will be able to receive the necessary documents by e-mail during the consultation.

Which cases a video consultation may be used?
Any customer can learn about all BTA insurance products during a video consultation.
The meeting time can be used for advice on general insurance matters, to identify your insurance needs and find the possibly best solution.

How it is done?

  1. Complete the contact information form, indicating your name, e-mail and the preferable time of conversation.
  2. After completion of the contact information form, you will receive a link containing invitation to a video consultation at your indicated e-mail account within one business day’s time.
  3. Come to the virtual meeting at your selected time and meet our consultant "eye to eye".

How long does it take?
A consultation usually will last up to an hour.
Video consultations are offered from Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 to 17:00.

What are the technical requirements?
You will need a computer or a smartphone with a camera.
Online consultation will not require installation of a specific software, just clicking on the link in the invitation, and video chat window will pop up in the web browser.