Private Accident insurance

In case of occurrence of an accident that is included in your insurance policy cover, you are welcome to make your insurance claim fast and easy in the Customer Portal, attaching all the necessary documents. The Portal offers you other options as well: to view your insurance policy cover, insurance terms and conditions, as well as to keep track of the claim handling progress.


Indemnity claim options

If you have suffered an accident, you can claim the insurance indemnity using the option which is most convenient for you.

  1. Log in to BTA Customer Portal. Make your application quick and simple in Customer Portal, indicate all the information on the insurable event and add all the necessary documents.
  2. By calling the BTA Customer Support on 26 12 12 12.
  3. In an unlikely case of not being able to reach the BTA Customer Support on the phone, or in case you do not wish to wait for your call to be answered by the BTA Customer Support, you may fill in the “Call Order” form on the BTA website, and a BTA expert will call you at your preferred time.
  4. By sending the information regarding the accident by e-mail to In your e-mail, please provide a brief description of the accident and also include your contact details for us to be able to contact you. You may enclose the completed Indemnity Claim Form with your e-mail, so that we can clarify any outstanding issues during the telephone conversation.
  5. By visiting your nearest BTA Customer Service Centre in person.
  6. By contacting your insurance agent, broker.

How to proceed in case of an accident?

In case of an accident, please proceed as follows:

  1. get medical attention immediately (if necessary, call the ambulance on 113 or 03;
  2. when receiving any medical services, please keep the document which confirms the fact and the consequences of the accident, such as the medical certificate issued by the doctor and containing the diagnosis or a detailed medical description of the injury, and also keep the documents confirm the payments you have made (such as receipts, acquittances, etc.) for the medical services you have received;
  3. as soon as possible, please contact the BTA Customer Service by calling 26 12 12 12 to inform about the accident, receive instructions on how to proceed, and also to register your insured event.

Forms and samples

In case you prefer to submit an electronic insurance claim form to us by attaching it to the claim application form or e-mail, make sure you save it to your computer by all means prior to filling in.


Form Template
Accident Insurance Indemnity Claim
Accident Insurance Indemnity Claim for LSUMF members