Legal Expenses Insurance

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Ways of submitting the claim

In the event of an accident you can submit the insurance claim in the way convenient to you.

  1. By filling the claim form given above on the BTA website. Upon the receipt of the claim, we will contact you to specify the detailed information about the accident, register the insured event and inform you of the further examination course of your claim case. If you attach the filled in claim form to the application form, during the phone call we will only specify unclear issues.
  2. By calling BTA Customer Support Service 26 12 12 12;
  3. If, for some reason, you cannot get in touch with BTA Customer Support Service or do not want to wait for the connection with BTA Customer Support Service, you can fill in the form “Apply for a call from BTA” on the BTA website and the BTA expert will call you at your preferred time.
  4. When sending information about the accident by e-mail, provide short information about the accident in the e-mail and your contact information so we can contact you. You can attach the filled in claim form, the written complaint received from another person and the copies of documents confirming the losses, if such exist, so that during the phone conversation we could only specify the unclear issues.
  5. By visiting any BTA Customer Service Centre.
  6. By contacting your insurance agent, broker.

What to do when the accident happens?

In the event of an accident, do the following:

  1. immediately notify the BTA Customer Support Service by phone 26 12 12 12 of each event that has caused or could cause a claim against you or your claim against another person in the future.
  2. submit to BTA all information and documents related to the accident at your disposal.
  3. contact BTA Customer Support Service by phone 26 12 12 12 to receive instructions for further actions and to submit the insurance claim.

Forms and samples

In case you prefer to submit an electronic insurance claim form to us by attaching it to the claim application form or e-mail, make sure you save it to your computer by all means prior to filling in.


Form Template
Legal expenses insurance claim