Specialized Machinery and Equipment Insurance

If your company or private household uses specialized machinery – road construction equipment, tractors, harvesters, loading equipment, stationary or mobile equipment or other machinery, it is important for the machinery always to be intact. But we cannot protect ourselves from accidents. To avoid significant unforeseen expenses if the machinery is damaged due to some risk, we suggest to insure it by purchasing BTA Specialized Machinery Insurance.

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What is the Specialized Machinery Insurance?

The Specialized Machinery Insurance is designed for every entrepreneur or private person that use stationary or mobile equipment or any kind of specialized machinery, for example, auto cranes, road construction equipment, gantries, forest or agricultural equipment, warehouse service machinery, loading equipment of various modifications, underground mechanisms and equipment, tractors, harvesters.

Likewise the CASCO insurance for road vehicles, the Specialized Machinery Insurance provides insurance protection against various risks that can affect the specialized machinery.

Why choose BTA Specialized Machinery Insurance?

Our advantages:

  • We provide individual approach to each customer, creating an insurance proposal corresponding to the needs and possibilities of the company or private individual.
  • We offer to purchase the Specialized Machinery Insurance with full insurance coverage.
  • We offer the chance to include wide additional protection in the policies.
  • In case of accident, new parts are used to repair the specialized equipment.
  • We offer a convenient way to file claims, fast proceedings of indemnity cases and payment of indemnities. 

What risks can specialized machinery be insured against?

Main risks:

  • Fire risk
  • Natural disasters
  • Theft of the insured object
  • Burglary of the insured object
  • Illegal activities of third parties, including stealing
  • Glass breakage
  • Tumbling over
  • Collision outside road traffic
  • Falling load
  • Falling objects
  • Other contingent risks that are not mentioned in the rules as exceptions

Additional risks:

  • Transportation coverage
  • Road traffic coverage
  • Tire coverage
  • Coverage when using the Insurable object underground
  • Segums ekspluatējot Apdrošināšanas objektu uz pontoniem, baržām vai citiem peldošiem objektiem Coverage when using the Insurable object on pontoons, barges or other floating objects
  • Insurance during lease of the object
  • Coverage when working underground

Ways of purchasing the policy

If you want to insure specialized machinery, you can contact us in the following ways:

  • By filling out an application form on BTA webpage; a BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed necessary information, prepare the insurance proposal and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • By calling BTA Customer Support Service at 26 12 12 12.
  • By visiting BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • By contacting BTA agents, insurance brokers.

How to receive additional information?

If you want to receive additional information about the Specialized machinery and equipment insurance, contact BTA Customer Support Service at 26 12 12 12 or by any other means of communication. Other means of communication can be found in the section “Contacts”.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

  PDF E-doc*
Specialized Machinery Insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and conditions No 35
(version valid for policies issued from 18.12.2012)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3
(version valid for policies issued from 13.12.2011)
Terms and Conditions No 2
(version valid for policies issued from 07.06.2011)


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