MTPL Legal Assistance

If you want to save the time and resources of your company spent on receiving insurance indemnities for losses due to a traffic accident caused by another driver, buy the additional service “MTPL Legal Assistance” together with the BTA MTPL policy. We will defend your legal rights, help receive insurance indemnity and provide the necessary legal assistance! We will protect the legal rights of drivers, help receive insurance indemnity and provide the necessary legal assistance.

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Why choose BTA insurance service “MTPL Legal Assistance”?

Our advantages:

  • We will help submit the case and oversee it for accidents that have occurred in the territory of validity of MTPL policy, including certain risks abroad as well;
  • We will help receive insurance indemnity for all losses that are covered by MTPL and have to be paid by other people that the owner of the vehicle and passengers that were in the car at the moment of the traffic accident are entitled to.
  • We will defend your or your employee’s interests, give consultations, and, if necessary cover the expenses of a lawyer for the protection of interests.
  • We are the only insurance company in Latvia that has a licence for legal expenses insurance which allows to offer BTA MTPL customers this service.

What losses will be compensated within MTPL Legal Assistance?

  • Assistance and legal expenses in receiving the MTPL indemnity
    Consultations, monitoring your claim handling process, legal services in case of disputes
  • Legal assistance in protecting legal rights in civil and criminal cases
    Legal assistance, including consultations, in protecting your legal rights in the civil cases related to a road traffic accident, as well as in criminal proceedings initiated in the Baltic States
  • Assistance in administrative proceedings and administrative cases
    Consultations, assistance in administrative cases related to a road traffic violation registered in Latvia
  • Legal expenses
    Expenses of legal proceedings, expenses for legal services

What is the territory of validity for the service MTPL Legal Assistance?

We will provide the help included in the service BTA MTPL Legal Assistance for submitting the case and overseeing it for accidents that have occurred in the territory of validity of MTPL policy, including abroad. Legal help to defend your legal rights will be provided in civil cases related to traffic accidents, as well as in a criminal proceeding that has been initiated in the Baltic States. We will also provide help in administrative cases related to a road traffic violation registered in Latvia.

The territory of validity of MTPL policy depends on the agreement signed.

The MTPL Standard agreement is in force in the territory of the Republic of Latvia, European Economic Area (EEA), as well as in certain countries that are member states of the Green Card system but are not member states of EEA: Andorra, United Kingdom, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Croatia, Estonia, Iceland, Italy, Ireland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Finland, Spain, Switzerland, Hungary, Germany and Sweden.

Ways of purchasing the policy

The BTA service “MTPL Legal Assistance” can be purchased only together with MTPL policy. The MTPL policy together with the service “MTPL Roadside Assistance” can be purchased in the following ways:

  • if you want to insure one vehicle of your company, the easiest way to purchase the MTPL policy is on the Internet. Filling out the electronic form, within a few minutes you will be able to purchase MTPL policy as well as choose additional insurance services that are offered together with MTPL policy. Buying MTPL policy on the Internet is more profitable because you will get a 5% discount.
  • by filling out an application form on BTA webpage; a BTA specialist will contact you to find out detailed necessary information, prepare the insurance offer and send it to the e-mail address indicated by you;
  • by calling BTA Customer Support Service at 26 12 12 12. It is possible to pay for the insurance policy during the phone call;
  • by visiting BTA Customer Service Centre  in person;
  • by contacting BTA agents, insurance brokers.

How to receive additional information?

If you wish to receive additional information on the service MTPL Legal Assistance and its purchasing, contact BTA Customer Support service at 26 12 12 12 or by any other means of communication convenient for you. Other means of communication can be found at the section “Contacts”.

Insurance Terms and Conditions

  PDF E-doc*
MTPL Legal Assistance terms and conditions    
Terms and conditions No 1.1.
(in force for policies issued from 28.01.2014)
Terms and conditions No 1
(in force for policies issued from 11.09.2012)
General insurance terms and conditions    
Terms and Conditions No 3
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 13/12/2011)
Terms and Conditions No 2
(the wording applies to policies issued starting from 07/06/2011)


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