Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance

The development of the construction sector mirrors the economic development processes in the country. As the demands for good quality in construction keep raising, the ones involved in building business are increasingly exposed to a variety of risks, including conventional ones as well as ones less common, as new and innovative building technologies emerge in construction as well. To have all construction processes run smoothly and to avoid unexpected interruptions and consequently adverse financial impact on the parties involved in construction, we suggest that you take maximum precaution to protect your business by obtaining the Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance Policy. We do take care that each of our clients is treated individually, so we will assess the needs of your company, offer better terms and conditions, and professional service!

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What is Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance?

Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance is for construction design developers, customers commissioning construction designs, and for builders.

Construction processes can be insured at any stage, including the draft construction design development stage, during obtaining the required construction permits, in order to assure protection against financial losses associated with various risks.

Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance may include:

  • insurance of the building and construction operations under a contract signed between the customer and the builder, and the cost estimate;
  • insurance of building materials and equipment used in the construction (on-site or on the way to the site);
  • insurance of temporary utilities;
  • insurance of site facilities (fencing, construction trailers, bio toilets, etc.);
  • insurance of off-site building material storage;
  • insurance of the property owned by the customer;
  • insurance of building materials and equipment supplied by the customer;
  • insurance of expenses for the removal of construction waste and the costs of site clearing after the insured event. 

Why to choose BTA Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance?

Our advantages:

  • We assure individual approach to every client and thorough assessment of its needs and preferences in order to provide the best offer for the Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance.
  • We provide professional consultations regarding the insurance coverage and the necessary additional insurance protection during the construction procedure.
  • We offer better terms and conditions and additional discounts in case several BTA insurance services are purchased.

Insurable Risks


  • Risk of fire
  • Explosion
  • Lightning strike
  • Falling of piloted aircraft or their parts into property
  • Damage caused during fire-fighting operations
  • Natural disasters – flooding, tempest, hail, snow, etc.
  • Flooding due to pipeline damage
  • Malicious damage of property
  • Theft
  • Robbery
  • Lack of skills or unprofessionalism of the builders
  • Unintentional negligence during construction operations
  • Emergencies associated with the technology used in the construction
  • Failure to respect the material and product delivery deadlines
  • Failure to respect the work completion deadlines
  • Collapse of structures due to low quality materials, faulty design, etc.

Policy purchase options

The Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance Policy can be purchased using one of the below options:

  • if you fill in the application form available on BTA website, an expert of BTA’s will contact you to find out the required details and prepare the insurance proposal, and send it to your e-mail address;
  • by calling BTA Customer Service Support at 26 12 12 12. During the call, it is also be possible to pay for the policy immediately;
  • you may visit a BTA Customer Service Centre in person;
  • you may contact a BTA agent, insurance broker.

Where can I find more information?

If you wish to receive additional information about the Building and Construction All-Risk Insurance or its purchase, please contact BTA Customer Support by calling 26 12 12 12 or using any other means of communication you find most convenient for you. For other communication options, please click “Contacts”.