Pre-contractual information

Information to be provided to the client prior to insurance contract conclusion
Status: Insurance enterprise registered in the Republic of Latvia
Company: BTA Baltic Insurance Company AAS
Registration number: 40103840140
Legal address: 11 Sporta Street, Riga, LV- 1013
Telephone number: 26121212
E-mail address:

Remuneration to the employee for the particular offered insurance contract

For insurance distribution, including for this insurance contract, BTA employee receives remuneration from BTA in the form of work pay.

Recommendation insurance products sold

Based on your provided information, BTA has identified and considered your requirements and needs and therefore makes it insurance offer, which is prepared to match your requirements and needs, although this offer should not be perceived as an individual recommendation.

Complaint and dispute resolution by out-of-court means

The procedure for resolving potential complaints and disputes between you and BTA by out-of-court means can be studied in the document Complaint Submission and Consideration Procedure in the Contacts – Proposals and Objections section posted on BTA website:

Applicable law

The legislation of the Republic of Latvia shall be applied to regulate the contractual relations under the insurance contract, except, when the parties have agreed on application of legislative enactments of another country in the insurance contract.

Insurance product standardized information document

he standardized information documents of insurance products are placed on BTA website in Private individual’s section and Corporate section with each type of insurance.

Digitally signed documents

Information to be provided to the client prior to insurance contract conclusion

* You can open digitally signed documents *.edoc, using the template on website Before checking the necessary document, save it on your computer (we recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Safari or Opera browsers).